Perfect Strategic Pokemon Team (Generation 3)?

Trying to put in the best team for battling friends, opponents, ect...these are the pokemon and movesets I use. Can you tell me which are best and if there are any other suggestions? Also, any other strategies or pokemon that worked for you? By the way, this is NON legendary.


-Cosmic Power

-Calm mind


-Hyper Beam


-Hydro pump


Ice beam



-Meteor mash


-Brick break

-Sludge bomb


-Extreme speed

-Double team


-Arial ace


-Sleep powder

-Sunny day

-Solar beam




-Dream eater

-Shadow ball



-Dragon Dance

-Dragon claw

-Hyper beam

-Brick break

There is one too many here, and that is one of the problems. I can alternate though. Any suggestions (remember, I use Fire red/Sapphire and so I am still in generation three. I tried to build this based on stats and strategy, but I am not gonna lie, there is some favoritism's.

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  • 4 years ago
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    this team is just perfect the only thing is you have to remove claydol cause he knows very less psychic moves and what use of a pokemon who knows less of his types.Nearly your whole team has good types the only thing is make it learn moves of its own types.Take arcanine he knows only own move of his type so you add one more fire type move for him for example fire blast.hope you defeat your opponents with this strategy.

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