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examples of dangerous knowledge?

Have to write a report on new frontiers and dangerous knowledge (prelude type thing for the book Frankenstein) some examples were: time travel, stem cell research, nuclear weapons, space exploration, animal testing, etc. basically a 'do the ends justify the means' kind of thing. While these suggestions are all well and good i want to do something else, any other ideas?

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    4 years ago
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    any type of research or science can be used and abused.

    electronics is shrinking rapidly, so are the robots. currently military is developing flying insects (look them up, they are amazing). soon one can have army of bugs that are ridiculously small or next to invisible. what does that mean for privacy for example if such technology is in hands of perverts, blackmailers or criminals of any kind or anyone with evil intentions?

    cloning, what if it becomes as simple and cheap to use as 3D printing? again, think worst case... someone wants to rob the bank or kill president, only need to make own clone and let the clone do the dirty work. then clone can be "dispossed off" making original evil mind disappear from radar because "the suspect is dead".

    communications, 50 years ago people dreamt about future with flying cars, under sea dome cities, holidays on other planets etc. instead of energy revolution we got information/data revolution. energy is still expensive but data availability (wiki, yahoo, google, instant messaging, email, google earth, etc.) make things possible that not long ago nobody could envision. now we all know about industrial espionage, DDOS attacks, defacing websites and stealing credit card information. but this is NOTHING compared to what we are soon going to face (no doubt in my mind). some countries like Canada have even proposed paperless currency. imagine that everything that you own, know, or have contact with, your education records, police records etc is in some computer. worse, that computer is in "cloud". imagine someone gaining access to it and abusing it. with home automation etc. we can be literally held prisoners in out own homes.

    transportation, there are several tests (and some are already completed and declared success) where cars drive themselves and engage into "road trains" where they follow each other at much closer distances than usual (in order to benefit in fuel economy just like geese fly in formation as well as to put more cars on the road, basically reducing present congestions). anyway, there is bunch of cars and trucks moving in unison following some piece of data (GPS, sensors, whatever). but to any system, binary data is just that - binary data. imagine consequences if one can override such data and use vehicles as land missiles!? could be easy way to wipe out competition for example, upset markets, blackmail people and you name it...

    couple years ago big part of North America was experiencing famous blackout when electric grid failed and it took days to bring up. imagine someone doing this on purpose, for just a week or two. civilisation we know would be very quickly moved to medieval time.

    just imagine ANY scientific field and try to think what could happen given that that technology is exploited by wrong people.

    genetic research? food and drinks? drugs?

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