Should I ask her to be my girlfriend?

We've been friends for over a year but never spoke, but she randomly popped up to me and we've been talking everyday since. This is technically our second date because we went on our first date last weekend and had hung out twice before then (once at a club having a few drinks and another at the cinema). After the first time we hung out at a club, about 3-4 weeks after talking, we started putting xx in our texts (that's how I knew things were getting flirty) and now we're putting Xxx in our texts.

On our date last weekend we ended up kissing/making out around 6 or so times, and at times held hands (with our fingers interlocked) whilst kissing or just sitting together. If I remember correctly she bit my lip and definitely kissed my neck after we kinda cuddled up to each other after kissing.

When we text we make each other blush, say we'd cuddle each other, tell the other they're cute/adorable, etc. One time I was making her blush and she playfully said stop and I said "Or what?" and she replied "*kisses you* That"

Today her friend popped up to me asking if we were a couple yet and said that I should really ask her out because she would be too shy to. Her friend even said that she's always buzzing after hanging out with me and that's all she mainly talks about ("like a 13 year old with a first boyfriend")

It's a bit obvious we really like each other, but how should I ask her to be my girlfriend considering this is our second real date?


Her friend also said "she goes bright red when talking about you so she clearly really likes you" when we were talking as well

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  • 4 years ago
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    Just say to her: "It's probably been like that for a while, but would you be my girlfriend? To give an official vibe to everything." (This is a direct from my boyfriend saying the same thing to me over a year ago. :D We'd also gone on only 2 dates and one other outing togther previously, but it was obvious we were crazy for each other.

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