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Operation vs Mission...Whats the difference?

My finace's unit is doing a Humanitarian Assistance Operation.. what exactly is that and how long does it last usually?

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    A MISSION is what you are hoping to accomplish.

    An OPERATION is a complex series of movements / actions to accomplish a mission.

    But that is not what your really asking.

    There are thousands of different Humanitarian Assistance Operations out there. What exactly his unit is doing is impossible to tell, other than attempting to meet some serious need of the local civilians. Could be taking a medical team to vaccinate children and stock up rual hospitals with medicines, or it could be digging a well so people can have clean drinking water or even clearing some of Saddam's minefields so people can plant crops again.

    You cannot know everything he is doing over there. Heck, even those guys over there use rather large staffs of pretty smart folks to try and keep up with all the changes!!

    What you can do is ask if he trusts his chain of command. Then, if he trusts them, you can trust his leaders to not put his life at risk without good cause and all the precautions that can be taken.

    And pray for him and his mates every day. That is the best you can do.

    May God Bless him and grant both of you the strength and faith to endure the rest of his tour.

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    His deployment will last as long as his orders say it will last.

    The name is self explanatory. They are providing some sort of humanitarian assistance to someone, or they are providing some sort of support for the people providing the actual humanitarian assistance.

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    Most would just ask their fiancé

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