I don't feel like I'm pretty?

I'm not like most girls. I don't have long hair, mines is at the top of my shoulders, I'm not into dancing or ballet, I love wrestling, and I definitely don't have their looks. I'm not a tomboy, I'm actually nowhere near one. I'm just so different though. My eyes are black, not brown or any other color. I've always hated that. They're also 2 different sizes. I have a big, round face, which doesn't help since I have short hair. My best friends and my family would say that nothing's wrong with me, but since when has a guy ever wanted to text me or has said that I'm pretty? I'm not saying all of this because of a guy, but I know what I look like when I'm in the mirror and when I take pictures. I don't hate myself or anything, but there's not too many things I love about my complexion. Now, I'm going to go back to the guy thing. I know that not all guys go for the attractive ones, but that's all I see these days. I never see 2 people whether they're friends or not, be together without them being good looking. There's this guy that I'm kind of looking into, but I'm pretty positive that it's not going to go anywhere. I added him on facebook, he accepted the request. That was good and one day he posted this status to like it if you wanted to text him or whatever. I liked the status, but I really don't think anything's going to happen. From everything I'm saying, you'd figure that I have low confidence, but that's not the case. I just don't feel like I'm pretty, but I do think I have a great personality. As for the guy, I'd love to get to know him, but he's one grade over me. I see all of the girls posting how cute they think he is, and it's pretty intimidating. This is kind of more than one question(sorry, lol): What should I do about this guy and how can I change the way I feel about myself?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Well to be honest no girl feels confrable in there own skin.. Tell me about it! I used to be just like you not feeling confortable in my own skin.. You see I used to be chubby lol then I lost weight ( not by starving my self or anything like that lol) after that I started to get notice by guys ALOT!! ( not bragging or anything) I have brown eyes, wich just like you I used to hate! I would stare at the Mirror n wished I had colored eyes! But then idk I started liking them o.o I just look at the bright side of it colored eyed people get blind quicker then if you have black/brown eyes! I mean I'm not saying that Im completely happy with my brown eyes, but I learn to like them! I also have naturally long n curly eye lashes wich I'm pretty thankfull for! I have long medium brown curly hair, I have straigh teeth, I have a flat stomach! Every body thinks I'm beautiful... But me like I don't think I'm ugly! But I'm not perfect... I have stretch marks! Results of the weight that I lost, wich I'm really trying to get ride of. Well then point is that nobody is perfect!! If u don't like ur hair short let it grow!! Look on line hair styles that u would like to wear!! If u feel like u need to loose some pounds do it! Not by like starving ur self!! Just eat healthy! N exercise nobody likes a really skinny girl! Guys like to have places we're to grab from lol just do wateva u need to feel comfortable but please don't do anything that could harm ur self! One of the things of beauty is being healthy!! Now when it comes to guys ding worry youll find the right one! My granpa always tell me " don't change your self for ANYONE! The guy that it's gonna love you, he is gonna love u the way u are!" N the attitude is the best part! If you are beautiful in the inside, you are automatically going to be beautiful on the outside :) remember, were beautiful butterfly's come from!

    Ps.. Caterpillars!!! Lol

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