List me some sad Korean pop songs, please?

Hello there. I'd like to ask for a list of sad Korean pop songs that is very sad and emotional (and slow)? Please, if you know, list them down. I want some songs that is similar to the following:

— A Girl Meets Love by K.Will feat. Tiffany

— Morning Tears by IU

— Rolling by Jiyeon

— Wish It Was You by Lee Jung

— Love Pain by Hwanhee

— And One by Taeyeon

— Don't Forget by Baek Ji Young

I'm really in love with emotional and sad songs. Please let me know if you know some more songs that is similar to the songs above. .-. Thank you! ^^

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    * = Songs I think are either really the saddest, most emotional (whether within lyrics or the way its sung or whatever), songs that sound most like your list, or just in general songs I recommend most (But I love all the songs here and recommend all of them!)

    Bad Day - IU (Really emotional, IMO!)*

    Can I Love You? - Yurisangja*

    My Only One - BoA

    Only U - Secret*

    Daddy Long Legs - Secret

    Sorry (Dear Daddy) - Krystal and Luna*

    Beautiful Goodbye - f(x)*

    Goodbye Summer (feat. D.O.) - f(x)

    Drunk on Sleep - BEG*

    The Ugly Truth - BEG*

    Your Fool/Fool For You - Jea*

    Break Up - As One*

    Goodbye to Romance - Sunnyhill (Doesn't sound sad but the lyrics are pretty emotional, maybe because I relate to it a lot)*

    Pray - Sunnyhill*

    I Already Miss You - G.NA*

    Rumors - G.NA*

    A Bitter Day - HyunA feat. G.NA and Hyunsung*

    I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better - G.NA

    Don't Say Goodbye - Davichi* (The music video is really sad, if the song doesn't sound sad. But in general, ALL of Davichi's songs are emotional, they really know how to sing it with the correct emotion)

    Because It's You - Davichi*

    You Are My Everything - Davichi*

    Can't Say I Love You, Can't Say Goodbye - Davichi

    I Love You Even If I Hate You - Davichi

    Do Men Cry? - Davichi*

    Don't You Know? - Davichi*

    Secret - Davichi

    Can We Love Again? - 4Men feat. Davichi*

    Hello, It's Me - 4Men*

    Because I'm A Girl - Kiss

    Because It's You - Gummy*

    That Woman - Baek Jiyoung*

    To Turn Back The Hands of Time - Lyn*

    Teddy Bear - Lyn*

    Say - Lyn

    A Little - Seo Jinyoung*

    What Do I Do? - Jisun*

    Fight the Bad Feeling - T-Max

    My Heart Is Beating - K.Will*

    Love Is Crying - K.Will

    Suddenly - Kim Bokyung

    I Dream - 15and*

    Touch Love - Yoon Mirae*

    I'm Sorry - Lena Park (Park Junghyun)*

    Heaven - Ailee*

    Evening Sky - Ailee*

    Ice Flower - Ailee*

    Because of Men - IVY*

    1 Year, 365 Days - Lucy*

    Eraser - Ali*

    Without Words - Park Shinhye

    Brown Gold Eyes - Clazziquai Project*

    Same As Usual - Clazziquai Project*

    Can't U See - Son Dambi

    Lady - Afterschool*

    We Used To Be In Love - Davichi and T-ara*

    I Will Love You - Hyorin*

    Crying - SISTAR*

    Gone, No Longer Around - SISTAR19

    Don't Forget Me - Suzy*

    I Guess I Didn't Know Love - Piggy Dolls*

    What Is Love? - Piggy Dolls*

    I'll Protect You - Jaejoong*

    Confession - Changmin (of TVXQ)*

    She - TVXQ*

    Before U Go - TVXQ*

    How Can I? - TVXQ*

    Always There - DBSK* (SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME!)

    I Believe - DBSK*

    In Heaven - JYJ*

    (I know the following are J-Pop, but they're emotional and sad, and beautiful, and sung by K-Pop artists!)

    Love In The Ice - DBSK****

    Why Did I Have To Fall In Love With You? - DBSK*****

    Begin - DBSK****

    (Back to K-Pop ^^)

    1 Year Later - Jessica and Onew*

    So Goodbye - Jonghyun*

    Life - SHINee*

    By Myself - Tiffany

    Because It's You - Tiffany*

    One Step Closer - Tiffany

    Finally Now - Sunny

    It's Love - Taeyeon and Sunny*

    I Love You - Taeyeon

    LIke A Star - Taeyeon

    Missing You Like Crazy - Taeyeon*

    Closer - Taeyeon

    Bye - Taeyeon*

    If - Taeyeon

    Tears Are Overflowing - Jessica

    Dear Mom - SNSD*

    Star Star Star - SNSD

    Mistake - SNSD*

    Promise - SNSD

    How great is your love? - SNSD* (Not THAT sad, but it feels emotional to me)

    Sunflower - SNSD

    Love Sick - TTS*

    Baby Steps - TTS*

    Lost In Love - Tiffany and Taeyeon*

    Don't Say No - Seohyun and Yoongun*

    Sea Child - Younha*

    There Was Spring - Younha

    Pretend - 4minute

    It Hurts (Slow) - 2NE1*

    Missing You - 2NE1*

    Lonely - 2NE1*

    You and I - Park Bom* (MV is sad :'( )

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