whats the difference between a little lie an big lie? ?

what the difference between a big lie an little lie? is lieing ever ok? even if its to protect feelings or avoid fights?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Most people consider lying this awful thing, but in reality, everyone does it. If everyone told the exact truth in this world, there would be anarchy. Believe me, it's alright to tell "little lies". People who lament about always being truthful just refer to small lying as "bending the truth". There's no real difference.

    A little lie is usually called a "white lie" and is considered a social norm. It's usually when you tell a lie with the intention of sparing someone else's feeling. It would include things like telling your girlfriend that that dress doesn't make her look fat; telling your parents that you did miss them when you were on school camp; or even laughing at your friend's jokes when they aren't funny.

    A big lie is where you tell a lie which is intended to help you out of some tricky situation. It would include things like lying to your girlfriend about having an affair; telling your parents you're going to a sleepover and then going to a party; or making up a rumour.

    To summarise, a small lie is mainly for the benefit of others, while a big lie is mainly for your own benefit.

    Usually you shouldn't be afraid to tell "white lies"- they're part and parcel of life. Don't tell big lies though, they often get you into serious trouble.

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    5 years ago

    A lie is a lie. The difference between a 'little lie" and a "big lie" is one of intent. ... If the intent is to ease the possible pain brought to another by telling the truth, then it is considered to be a "little lie"; but if the intent is to deceive for personal gains, then it is considered to be a "big lie".

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    If someone has their hair done and says "How do you like my hair?" You may say "Yes, very nice." even though you don't like it but don't want to hurt their feelings. That's a little lie. If someone says "My wife has found out I've been cheating. Did you tell her?" If you did but say that you didn't, that's a big lie.

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    no. all lies hurt in some small way.

    you don't have to be brutally honest, but DO let people have it easy...

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