Seven Deadly Wonders Detailed summary?

I need a lot of details on the book Seven Deadly Wonders (aka Seven Ancient Wonders) by Matthew Reilly. Character descriptions, plot summary, anything you can give me. thanks

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    One of my favorite books (and authors)!

    The main protagonist's name is Jack West.

    Backstory: And 4500 years ago, the capstone (top pyramidal piece) of the Great Pyramid of Giza was removed. This capstone was needed to absorb the energy of a sunspot. Alexander the Great decided to remove it and split it up into seven pieces, hidden within each of the Seven Wonders of the World (Ancient). Whoever reunites the seven pieces on top of the Pyramid of Giza receives 1000 years of peace and prosperity for his or her nation, basically making the nation invulnerable (which is offset in the sequel).

    So the characters are:

    Jack West ("Huntsman") - Australian

    Lily West ("Eowyn" (LotR ref.)) - Daughter of Oracle of the Siwa Oasis, Egypt - needed to read ancient language that hints at the location of the seven wonders.

    Prof. Maximilian T. Epper ("Wizard") - Canadian

    Captain Zahir al Anzar al Abbas ("Pooh Bear") - from the UAE

    Lt. Enrique Velacruz ("Matador") - Spanish (Spain) )

    Sgt. V. J. Weatherly ("Witch Doctor") - Jamaican

    "Sky Monster" - from New Zealand

    Sgt. Zoe Kissane ("Princess Zoe") - Irish

    Cpl. Liam Kissane ("Big Ears") - Irish

    Lt. Benjamin Cohen ("Stretch") - Israeli

    These people represent a coalition of smaller nations that have the interest of the entire world at mind, instead of just getting the 1000 years of power. They're the main protagonists, lead by Jack West.

    The other two main competing powers are the Catholic Church (from Europe) and the United States of America (CIEF - Commander-in-Chief's In Extremis Force). The European team also has a child of the Oracle that is needed to read the Word of Thoth (hieroglyphics) that lends information about booby-traps and whatnot.

    The rest is copy and pasted from Wikipedia:

    West's team gain and lose a capstone, the head of the Colossus of Rhodes to the CIEF but manage to escape and then reach the hiding place of two more pieces at Hamilcar's Refuge on the coast of Tunisia. There they again lose their gains to the CIEF, and again escape.

    They then spring Mustapha Zaeed, the world's foremost authority on the Capstone and the Seven Wonders and a known terrorist, from Guantanamo Bay, who leads them to two more pieces. After separating the team, the "Coalition of the Minnows" is devastated through kidnap and death. The survivors escape to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Iraq, but are there apprehended by an Israeli strike team. West is forced to lead the Israelis to the piece, but the Americans arrive, execute the Israelis, capture the piece and trap West and his team. Jack is presumed dead.

    The European contingent escorts their hostages to Cairo with a lone Piece - taken from St. Peter's Basilica - and, in attempting to capture the CIEF's five pieces, lose the St Peter's piece and Epper and Lily to them. The CIEF team then goes to Hatshepsut's Mortuary, and - with the aid of the measurements from the Paris Obelisk - finds the last piece in the tomb of Alexander the Great. Taking the whole Capstone to the Giza pyramid on the day of the rotation, placing Alexander in the chamber beneath it to ensure the ritual works.

    However, Jack West and his team's plane return to stop them. Judah tries to carry out the ritual, but Alexander crawls out to save himself from death, unwittingly ensuring its failure and del Piero's death, then Lily crawls in willingly and Zaeed carries it out successfully. West, however has ensured a twist to who has world dominion. West's team then wins the battle and he finds that Lily has survived by (unlike Alexander) going into the chamber willingly.

    The epilogue takes place three weeks later, with Wizard and Zoe accompanying Lily across Central Australia, before reuniting with West.

    Basically they get to the Pyramid of Giza and CIEF (America) is going to reunite the seven pieces. Part of the ritual dictates that you need to offer a certain amount of your soil that is unique to your nation, so Judah (CIEF Leader) is going to use some sand from Nevada or something, which Jack knowingly replaced with sand from his country, Australia, a while back (quite tricky). So Jack goes Rambo on the American forces on the pyramid and they win. Yay. Enrique and Liam die, however, at different points in the book.

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