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What is a better round shooting? .357 or 45. colt?

Which is better all around round.

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    Look, if you're talking about self-defense against human assailants, here are the pro's and con's of each:

    For the .357 Magnum, the pro's are:

    1- It can penetrate body armor; especially the Semi-Wadcutters could do that.

    2- Its jacketed hollow-points are the optimum self-defense manstoppers.

    3- It can be fired from a K-Frame revolver.

    4- The revolver firing it could also fire .38 Special rounds.

    5- Shoots very flat.

    Its con's are:

    1- Nasty recoil; especially when fired from lightweight revolvers.

    2- Noise among the very worst of all calibers (can be deafening indoors).

    3- Over-penetration; not just in SWC's, but also in case of JHP's that would fail to expand.

    4- Usually blinding muzzle flash (if you're shooting at night).

    As for the .45 Colt, the pro's are:

    1- Will put a large hole in the opponent's body (even if the JHP bullet failed to expand).

    2- You don't need a high-velocity JHP round in order to fully expand and penetrate sufficiently.

    3- Its noise is among the lightest and less deafening among the handgun rounds.

    4- Low recoil and muzzle flash.

    5- Its SWC's (Semi-wadcutters) are among the most reliable self-defense bullets against heavily-clothed opponents (especially in winter).

    6- Its low SAAMI pressure would prolong the life-time warranty of the revolver firing it.

    7- Its non-expanding bullets would not dangerously over-penetrate.

    As for the con's of the .45 Colt:

    1- You'll usually need an N-Frame revolver with a relatively long barrel to fire it. Therefore its revolvers are usually much harder to conceal.

    2- It usually can't penetrate body armor (since it's subsonic).

    3- Relatively expensive round.

    4- Harder to find good JHP rounds than the .45 ACP and .357 Magnum rounds.

    5- Its "Special" alternative round for the revolver firing it, the .45 Schofield round is very rare and expensive.

    So, in my opinion, the better all around round is the .357 Magnum; especially since you could fire .38 Specials from its revolver. An N-Frame .357 Magnum revolver may hold up to 8 rounds, while a K-Frame .357 Magnum may hold up to 6 rounds. The .38 Special 158 gr P SWCHP's are among the lightest recoil rounds and are proven manstoppers. The .357 Magnum 125 gr JHP's are regarded as the optimum manstoppers. Save the cost difference (the .38 Specials is the cheaper one) in ammo for practicing and excelling in shooting.

    Hope this helps!

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    Which is a better fruit for eating, apples or oranges? Which is better all around? Nothing is inherently better or worse about either cartridge unless you have a specific application where one is more suitable than the other. For example if I'm looking for a compact revolver for carry I'd look a Ruger LCR in .357, if I'm looking for something to hunt hogs with then maybe a Ruger New Model Black Hawk in. 45LC. With no reason behind your choice a .22 would be just as good.

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    I prefer the .357 because it's so flexible. You can use .38 Special in it or just download .357 to ultra-low pressures. You can also load it up to pretty amazing levels without it being too punishing. The .45LC will beat the daylights out of you at its limit, especially out of the SAA style guns it's so common in. The .357's smaller diameter makes it possible to make revolvers more compact too. On the other hand, the .45LC is a classic for a reason. It all depends on what you're looking to use it for.

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    If you reload 45 colt. If you don't...357. Many factory 45 colt loads are light for legal reasons...a lot of 100 year old 45 colt chambered revolvers out there that can't take high pressure loads.

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  • Mr.357
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    The .357 Mag is good enough for me. Lots of energy, can shoot .38 Specials, and it is a fast flat shooting bullet.

  • Anonymous
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    I like and use a 357-45. They are available at Cabela's.

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    I prefer the 45, since I am not in combat but only use it for self protection.

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    5 years ago

    Another point gamer

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    Better for what?

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