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Applying for University of Edinburgh as a European citizen although I come from Australia (dual citizenship)?

I lived in Germany for 4 years when I was younger then I moved to Australia and stayed for 13 years (father is german and mother is australian). I have dual citizenship now and am currently living in Germany (moved back here after finishing high school in Australia). I want to apply to Edinburgh as a European citizen (since it's 1800 pounds a year for Europeans and 16,000 for internationals) but apparently I have to have lived in Europe for 3 years prior to application (meaning the time spent here when I was younger might not be applicable).

Is this true/would I even count as a European applicant in this context??

Thanks a bunch

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    Yes there is a three year EU residency requirement to qualify for home student fees at all UK universities. It must be the three years immediately prior to your start date and is strictly applied. If your school results are from Australia, you will certainly be flagged! Why not go to university in Germany?

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    You may hold a European passport - but you're not a European resident, which is what counts for fees and student loans.

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