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How to make a musical instrument page on Facebook?


Long story short, I hand make guitars to order for people and from over years of doing it random people ask me "Do you have a website or Facebook page showcasing your work?" and I am always like "Other then on my personal Facebook account, no." So I am finally willing to give it a try and make a page just for my build guitars. My only problem is I cant find a category for "Musical Instruments"...

If anyone could direct me to where that category is on the 'Create a Page' in Facebook (In the picture) or has a category for musical instruments to go into and then can direct me to that, that would be awesome!


PS. I would think of myself having a 'Brand', not a company. At least not yet...

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  • 5 years ago
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    The category you attach a page to on Facebook doesn't really matter.

    You have two options. You can choose either 'Local Business" or "Brand or Product".

    Under "Local Business" you can simply call yourself a "Professional service". Under "Product" you can call yourself a "Product/Service".

    It depends on which of those two options you consider what you do to be most similar to. But, as I said, the category makes no difference. It's the appropriate nature of the name of the page and it's content that will attract people it it.

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    5 years ago

    You set it up as a business page. Regardless of whether or not you consider it a company, that's exactly what you are describing.

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