What nature would you recommend me for the Pokemon Skiddo and why?

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  • 4 years ago
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    The moment I assume that there is no way of riding your own Pokémon, I didn't even bother to catch one. Anyway, I don't see any way a Gogoat can work in anything by itself except for in-game battles.

    Gogoat:- Hp: 123 Atk: 100 Def: 62 SpA: 97 SpD: 81 Spe: 68

    Ability:- Sap sipper/Grass Pelt (Hidden)

    You can always try Brave/Adamant for Sap Sipper or Relaxed/Impish for Grass pelt in a grass terrain team

    Moveset would be:-

    Bulk up/Sub

    Synthesis/Milk drink

    Horn Leech

    Earth Quake/Surf/Leech seed/Toxic

    EV: HP DEF 252 Atk 4

    Surviving a Blaze Kick from Blaziken (Normal) or Walling a Mega Lucario and OHKO with an earthquake shouldn't be a problem but that's just as much this goat can do. Those two are weak anyway.

    Having a 97 SpA with only access to 3 TM/HM special moves is a joke.

    123/62/81 doesn't make it any bulkier and pretty hard to make it a staller.

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