A good nature for Infernape?

My Pokemon buddy Infernape has a Quiet nature, which is no good for competetive battling.

I'm going to raise a new one with Thunderpunch, Overheat, Close Combat, and U-Turn.

What nature should it be? I'm planning on using Overheat while the opponent sets up a screen or whatever, then using Close Combat if I can, then switching out with U-Turn to remove the lowered special attack, and defenses. I would be guessing you'd say raised speed, but I was thinking:

Lonely or Naughty (For a harder htiing Close Combat)

Or the two natures that boost special attack and lower defenses

I don't know, what do you think>? It's on a Hail team, but should I convert it to a sun team? A very helpful Zekrom convinced me to replace Infernape.

These are my hail and sun teams.

(Posted in an earlier question)

Sunny Day:

Lead: Ninetales, Drought. Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Solarbeam, Heat Wave (Will be put in the middle for ttriple battles)

Fast sweepers: Blaziken, Venusaur.


Speed Boost

Sky Uppercut (Needs to be replaced)

Flare Blitz

Brave Bird

Flamethrower (Needs to be replaced, maybe with Substitute or Protect?)



Big Root


Giga Drain

Sleep Powder

Leech Seed




Lum Berry


Aerial Ace (Probably needs to be replaced)

Aqua Tail

Fire Punch

Should I replace Aerial Ace with Dragon Dance?



Life Orb

Swords Dance


Hi Jump Kick

Blaze Kick (Sun will increases this)



Light Clay

Rage Powder

Light Screen

Bug Buzz

Heat Wave

Alright, so I'm gonna have Volcarona use Rage Powder, and then Lucario use Swords Dance a couple times until Volcarona gets knocked out. After it sets up Rage Powder, I'll use Light Screen as a boom. If it's still alive, Heat Wave and Bug Buzz are there for last-ditch-efforts to help cripple opponents.

Then, Lucario will kill with Extremespeed. Or Hi Jump Kick if it's the fastest.

Rate my Sunny Day team 0-10, and any improvements on movesets or items. (I'm not changing Pokemon, it's too tiresome to raise them.) You can suggest an EV spread, and I'll happily buy some EVs from Join Avenue.


Just so you know, this is probably gonna suck.

Abomasnow-Quiet-Life ORb

Wood Hammer


Ice Shard


(I don't have it yet, but I will in like a day.)

Froslass-Timid-ICicle Plate-Snow Cloak


Double Team

Blizzard with a PP Max

Shadow Ball

Weavile-Adamant-Icy Rock

Hail (In case weater's changed)

Night Slash

Ice Punch

Shadow Claw

Needs work, help? ^

Spiritomb or Infernape


Sitrus Berry

Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse

NAsty Plot

Will o Wisp



Quiet(I know, it's bad) Shell Bell-

Close Combat



Will oWisp

Glaceon-Quiet-Ice Body-Leftovers


(Need move suggestions)


Flash Cannmon

Acid Armor

Mirror Coat


Could you help me out?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Infernape is probably best with a Naive nature to prevent the Sp Atk stat from going down and to get as much speed as he possibly can since Infernape is relatively weak to begin with and he needs every last bit of speed he can get due to a lack of priority. Naive is chosen (I can't remember what the nature that does Spe and -Def is) so most forms of priority deal less damage. Infernape is really frail to begin with so it won't mind the lowering of its Special Defense so long as it can still take a priority move or two.

    Additionally, Overheat is still a very nice move to have on Infernape even despite the mostly physical set since it can allow you to sear through more physically defensive Pokemon such as Skarmory and Tangrowth without much problem and you won't have to worry about the recoil of Flare Blitz. Do keep in mind, though, that the Special Attack drop can cause you to be more vulnerable to Ghost-types and Pokemon you lack good coverage against. If you're worried about that kind of stuff, you can instead opt for a Jolly nature with Flare Blitz. And if you really don't care as much about speed and actually want Infernape to hurt stuff, a Naughty or Adamant nature would work nicely, again dependent on whether or not you wish to drop Overheat.

    Since you've explicitly stated your team is just for fun and you don't want to use Smogon-based sets, I won't rate your team since I don't feel I could do justice to it.

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