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NHL Poll: Who do you consider to be the best goal scorer of all time?

I’m starting a series of polls here in the hockey section were I ask you questions like -Who’s the most underrated player of this decade? and -Who’s the best all time stay at home defenseman?

The first question is a classic, it has been asked a lot of times but since it doesn’t have an easy answer it never gets old.

Best all time goal scorer

a) Wayne Gretsky

b) Mario Lemieux

c) Brett Hull

d) Marcel Dionne

e) Alexander Ovechkin

f) Gordie Howe

g) Maurice "Rocket" Richard

h) Phil Esposito

i) Mike Bossy

j) Somebody else

Anyone saying this is an easy question obviously don't know much about the game. Depending on what stats you take into consideration different players gets the vote. The way I look at it, Mario Lemieux is the best all time scorer. He's ranked 9:th all time with his 690 goals. But he scored all those goals in just 915 games, giving him an average of 0,75 goals/game. While Gretsky scored 894 goals, he did that in 1487 games giving him an average of "only" 0,6 goals/game. The one who can back up his choice with the best stats/reason gets B.A! (not those who just types ”MARIO LEMIEUX”.

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    After 915 games, Wayne Gretzky had 712 goals (He scored number 700 in game #886) Lemieux's 690 in the same amount means very little in comparison, especially as Lemieux only took 1 game longer to score 600 than Gretzky.....Gretzky took 29 fewer games to score the next 100 (601 to 700) than Lemieux took to score the next 90 (601-690)

    Fastest 100 goals (in the modern era)........Selanne

    Fastest 200 goals........Gretzky

    Fastest 300 goals........Gretzky

    Fastest 400 goals........Gretzky (436, Bossy 506, Lemieux 508)

    Fastest 500 goals........Gretzky (575, Lemieux 605)

    Fastest 600 goals........Gretzky (718, Lemieux 719)

    Fastest 700 goals........Gretzky (886, Brett Hull 1157)

    Fastest 800 goals........Gretzky

    Joe Malone scored the fastest 100 goals in NHL history, doing so in 61 games, however in the modern era, over a 77 game period in the early 80s covering two seasons, Gretzky scored 100 goals (101 actually over the 77 games) marking the shortest time length to score 100 gals at any point in anybody's career.

    Personally, I'm going to make the case for Mike Bossy

    Bossy has the highest goals/game average in NHL history at 0.760

    0.760 Micheal Bossy

    0.756 Cyril Denneny

    0.754 Mario Lemieux

    0.742 Cecil 'Babe' Dye

    0.683 Alexander Ovechkin

    0.623 Pavel Bure

    0.601 Wayne Gretzky

    0.584 Brett Hull

    0.574 Robert Hull

    0.565 Timothy Kerr

    Courtesy NHL database

    Bossy's also 4th in shooting accuracy, and is the only 500 goal scorer/hall of famer above 20%

    23.66% Craig Simpson

    22.34% Charles Simmer

    21.41% Paul MacLean

    21.18% Michael Bossy

    19.85% Yvon Lambert

    19.69% Richard Middleton

    19.52% Blaine Stoughton

    19.42% Darryl Sutter

    19.41% Robert Brown

    19.30% Michael Ridley

    Mario Lemieux is 17th on the list at 18.99%, Gretzky is 44th on the list at 17.57%...Pavel Bure is 250th on the list at 13.96% (Ovechkin is just outside the top 1000 at 12.42%)

    So, Bossy's NHL leading goals/game average, and relatively high scoring percentage compared to other snipers.

    Mike Bossy was also the one to surpass Maurice Richard's long standing playoff record of 82 goals when he scored his 83rd in April 1986 (eventually extending the record to 85 before Gretzky scored his 86th playoff goal on April 24th 1989. Bossy scored his 85th playoff goal in his 127th playoff game. Gretzky tied it in his 127th playoff game, broke it in his 131st.

    FYI - Gretzky had 617 goals after 745 games

    Gretzky was the fastest to every goal marker in NHL history from 138 onward, Lemieux never got closer than Gretzky's 719th game, he scored twice...and that 2 goal difference after 719 games (602 to 600) was the closest that Lemieux from games 719 through 915 (again, over that 197 game period, Gretzky scored 112 goals, Lemieux scored 90).

    You also need to remember that Gretzky played the last 700 games of his career with 2 herniated discs, which Mario Lemieux told ESPN's Mike Tirico in April 2003 was far more painful than his non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

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    There have been many attempts to solve this question. The best is to not look at the individual accomplishments but the players comparison to his peers at the same time. So by counting the number of times a player lead the league in goal scoring is a good initial guess. The results are surprising. There are four players who achieved that feat five times. Charlie Conacher, Maurice Richard, Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky. Two goal scorers have done this six times Phil Esposito and Alex Ovechkin. But the superior is Bobby who won the title seven times in the NHL. Throw in one from the WHA as well and my votes for the Golden Jet Bobby Hull.

    The only player to have an NHL team named after him.

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    I concur that Bossy was the best pure shooter of all time. Had his back not gone out on him - he played just 10 seasons in the NHL - he would be very close behind the Great One in goals scored. Gretzky was hands down, the best playmaker of all time. But his goal scoring was heavily influenced by his unparalleled ability to see everything on the ice, and his superior positioning as a result. He did not have the quickest or hardest shot. Bossy was the best pure sniper I ever saw.

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    This is an impossible question. When the league had only 6 teams. The top players would be greater in number for eacch team. Also many rules have changed Blue line, Icing, delay of game, size of nets, equipment, rules that's only a few. Even transportation between cities by train for instance between Boston and Chicago train versus jet plane. Even the number of games scheduled for the regular season. It's sort of like trying to compare bananas to oranges, it just doesn't work.

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    Wayne Gretzky is the best, after that it's debatable and you can make cases for Mario Lemieux, Alexander Ovechkin, Bobby Hull and also Maurice Rcihard

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    They played in different eras, different teams, under different systems, and with different rules in place. It might be easier to say who was the best goal scorer of their era.

    Another player to consider, not on the list, is Mike Gartner, one of 7 players with over 700 goals.

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    1.Mike Bossy

    2.Alexander Ovechkin

    3.Brett Hull.

    4.Mario Lemieux

    5.Maurice Richards

  • Anonymous
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    Gretzky followed by Gordie Howe.

  • Deano
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    5 years ago

    Gretzky followed by Lemieux.

  • Sam
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    5 years ago

    Different era's so cant really say

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