How can I read les miserables?

I m twelve and I love the musical les mis. I have a large vocabulary and have read large books. I recently picked up les miserables from Barnes and noble. IT IS HUGE. I ve read seven pages and I m kind of confused. Any tips on reading it. Thanks. Ps. I only want answers from people who have ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK

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  • 4 years ago
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    Andrew, there are no secret "tips" to reading the book. It's the same as reading a short, easy one....... one page at a time.

    But Les Miserables simply takes longer and takes more effort because of it's sheer length, which is daunting for some, who expect a quick read.

    It's not a Dan Brown page turner, to be finished at the beach in one sitting.

    It's a deep, complex story, with rich fleshed out characters........that moves across decades.

    It may help you to know that the story was originally written in 5 Books.........that were condensed into one book . (So you can think of it, as actually reading 5 books......which is about right as the average paperback is about 300 pages at least........and Les Miserables, is over 1,500 .

    What may help with reading the book is to maybe simply watch one of the movies familiarize yourself with the story, and the characters, so you know, going into the book, who is who, and who is important and vital to the story.

    I would advise the 1978 movies, with Anthony Hopkins as Javert. One of the best.

    the 1998 version was utter garbage........the other Gerard Depardieu version was cringe worthy.........

    and the 2012 movie..........well, that movie was an attempt to bring the PLAY adaption , to the Big it's actually an adaption of an adaption........which means, it's not the CLEAREST in telling the story.

    That movie was more for fans, who already know the story, backward and foward and wanted to see a new version of it, told in another way . (Which many critics clearly didn't understand)

    The 1978 version is best.....or the 1935 version with Frederick March, is a classic. Those two are BEST .

    It's an excellent story, and well Worth reading.........many who read it, just fall in love with the story............

    but yes, 1,500 pages is a time consuming chore, to be sure. But well Worth it. Good Luck. may interest you to know that someone did attempt a sequel......

    It's called "Cosette" , by Laura Kapalkian and takes Marius and Cosette into old age......and picks up the action, while Marius is still in the Sewer with Jean ValJean, and takes off from those events, and then, what came after.

    Also definitely Worth a read.

  • 4 years ago

    Well I'd first double check you bought the abridged book and not the whole thing, because it is LONG. If not see if you can return it and get the abridged, you're not missing anything important just boring scenery details (just me, they're boring). Something the helped me big time was watching a play of it, because then I already knew the background of the characters. The book and play are both really good, and I don't think seeing the play would make you hate the book, personally I still really enjoyed the book.

  • 4 years ago

    I've read the book, but I'm not 12. Wait a couple of years and try again.

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