Chances of Getting into West Point Military Academy?

Hello. I am a sophomore in High School in Ohio, and I really want to attend West Point Military Academy, and I wanted to know how my qualifications are looking.

My GPA is a 3.9

I have not yet taken ACT/SAT but I did take the practice ACT and got a projected 33-34

I participate in two sports: Baseball and football, and have lettered in both. Will most likely be captain of the baseball team in the years to come.

I am in advanced math for my age, and will be taking honors pre calculus next year as a junior.

I have taken 4 years of Spanish and am almost fluent in the language.

Last year, my freshman year, I was class elected leader for our service project to build a medical clinic in the third world country of Sudan. I won the a National Service Award from Nationwide called the "Nationwide Insurance Hometown Hero" Award, and was able to throw out the first pitch at a Columbus Clippers game. Currently, we have built a clinic in Peol, Sudan and have purchased electricity and storage systems for the facility.

I am big, strong kid and could surpass the fitness test (with a little practice, of course)

Also, I am in the process of getting a recommendation because my best friend's dad is the Secretary of State.

So I am wondering, do I have a good chance of getting in?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Hello Jack,

    Absolutely. Your credentials seem competitive. Remember this: only about 1,500 cadets will be chosen to enter each year's Academy class. About 15,000 will apply.

    So, you really need to "excell." Secretary of State of what? The US? Mrs. Clinton? She can not nominate to the Academy. You need Congressional nominations from your US Congressman and your 2 US Senators. Or the Vice President of the United States.

    Then the rule is that a Congressman can only nominate 10 people from his district or the state you live in if a US Senator and then only 5 of their nominees can be in any given year's class. See, there are 537 members of Congress. And, about 15 - 20 seats in any Academy class might be reserved for military students from foreign allied countries, too.

    Try to letter in at least 1 sport during high school. (good you are covered)

    Try to maintain that 3.9 GPA!

    Try to get a 30 - 32 ACT or a combined 1450 - 1500 SAT.

    Go to the book store and buy the GMAT work book so you can study the "Miller's Analogies."

    Also get a SAT and ACT prep-workbook. Do not do Internet quizzes. You need a pencil/paper book so you can write in it; make yellow highlights; and learn from the text of the book. Not just take sample quizzes that you won't see those same questions on the actual test.

    Make sure you take 2 years of foreign language. (good you are covered)

    Remember, you can't get married. Single only.

    From the Academy website read every pull down page and make notes. Also, follow the time lines and deadlines "EXACTLY." The Academy and Military does not run on your time. You run on THEIR TIME.

    Go to amazon dot com and buy the Marine's handbook. "Guidebook for Marines." 18th edition, 2nd printing published by the Marine Corps Association. Cost is $7 $4 shipping. It has 450 pages of the best material that you will ever need. You can use your summers to learn that material. But, when you get to the Academy don't "show off" that you already know this stuff. Give smart answers to questions when you are asked but don't show off your knowledge through "boasting." People don't need to know where or how you get your educational information.

    Best wishes,

    Larry Smith

    Senior Master Sergeant

    First Sergeant

  • Daniel
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    5 years ago

    So far I don't see anything that looks bad, other than being named Jessica and playing boy's sports. If you are actually a girl playing on boy's teams, good on you. If you are a dude named Jessica, please slap your parents for me. If you are transgendered, vote for Hillary, because that is your only hope of getting into the military.

    Also, ignore AJ. Having gone through the Congressional nomination process for USAFA, I can tell you that it is nothing like what he says. For each of the three I competed for, it was simply an interview with a panel of liaison officers who asked me questions, reviewed my records, and made recommendations. Your congressman and senators coordinate with each other to maximize the number of qualified kids that get a nomination (in other words, you won't get all three). The hard part is getting the appointment from the academy; the nomination process just weeds people out.

  • AJ
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    5 years ago

    but how well do you know your congressman or your 2 US Senators? You could have all the educations necessities to get into West Point, but if someone who has similar bullet points but knows your congressman, he/she will be the one the congressman will give the nomination to.

  • Mrsjvb
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    5 years ago

    you are what would be considered a TYPICAL candidate.

    in other words everyone else who is applying is as good or better than you.

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