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Korean: What does name Kim Sam Soon mean?

On the Korean TV soap opera, "My Lovely Sam Soon," the main character is named Kim Sam Soon. She wants to change her name, because, she says, everyone makes fun of her name. This is mentioned in almost every episode of the show. At one point, she tells a story of a young woman who committed suicide because she was so upset about being named Sam Soon.

I'm not Korean, and I'm missing the point here. What is funny or embarrassing about the name Sam Soon, or the full name Kim Sam Soon? It just sounds like any other Korean name to me.

In other words, what's the joke?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Sam Soon roughly translates to "girl number 3". Her being the third daughter, she dislikes the name because it's so utilitarian, as if she was just one in a line of otherwise unremarkable children.

    "Soon" is also a somewhat traditional word for girl, implying that she's something of a country bumpkin. Kim is of course a very common family name in Korea, which further adds to her nondescript name. I suppose it would be rather like being named John or Jane Doe.

  • 4 years ago

    I don't know the meaning but the new generation Koreans think that any girls name with "soon" is funny because it used to be very common back in the days, probably in their grandmother's generation. (40's, 50's,). It sounds very old fashion and not pretty. "Kim Sam Soon" does not like her name because kids used to tease her because "soon" is an old name. For example, Koreans used to have many kids in the past and the parents would name the 1st kid Soon Hee, 2nd kid Soon Duk . 3rd- Soon Ja, and so on (that was the trend). People can usually tell that the person is around your mother's age by their name.

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