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So what's the deal with some of these state nicknames?

Arkansas: The Natural State. Yeah, every state is natural. Georgia: The Empire State of the South. You just ripped that off from New York. Georgia, you're the Peach State, and be happy with that. Illinois: Land of Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was actually born in Kentucky. Louisiana: The Pelican State. Alright, fine, but that's not the main thing that makes you distinctive. What was so wrong with The Bayou State or Sportsman's Paradise? Maine: The Pine Tree State. Well, hell, we have pine trees where I live. Massachusetts: The Bay State. See "Maine" above. New Jersey: The Garden State. Well, whatever it is you're raising in them gardens sure makes an awful smell. Rhode Island: The Ocean State. See "Maine" above. South Dakota: The Mount Rushmore State. I'm alright with that: what else is there in South Dakota? Utah: The Beehive State. What, like the hairdo? Makes sense for a state that's stuck in a time capsule. West Virginia: The Mountain State. Once again, see "Maine" above. How about "The Trailer Park State"? (Oh wait, I'm from Mississippi, so I guess I'm one to talk. Oh well. Never mind.)

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