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What is the best way to remove arm hair?

I'm dark skinned and my skin isn't particularly sensitive just normal I guess. What is the best way for me to remove my arm hair or how do you remove yours?

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    Razor, I use the 12pkg. pink plastic razors, and SKINTIMATE. Takes seconds. Done!

    But ONLY my underarm.

    I'll let one YA! MOTHER respond: "NO NO NO NO NO - my daughter shaved her arms when she was 14 and when it grew back she looked like a monkey."

    Another example from YA! member: "i have shaven my arm hair a fair bit and now i really regret it and i want to grow it out but it is really dark but MY HAIR WASNT EVEN THAT DARK AND IT IS ONLY IN PLACES and i cant use home bleaching kits or hydrogen proxide or anything like that i was just wondering if there are any home remedies i can use to lighten it"

    When I was younger, I used to have arm hair, but the frequent wear of long sleeves, & exfoliating each time you take a shower . . . . . thins them, now @ 62, you can’t even see a single one!

    Another example: “I wanna say maybe 6 years ago I was very young and stupid and decided to shave both my arms , and the result was getting very thick hair on my arms . They are not blacks hairs just a brownish dirty blonde.”

    There are many celebrities with hairy arms, mustache. Leave them alone.

    JLo, Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore all have them, take a closer look next time you watch Idol.

    Victoria Newman of the Young & the Restless have them, too!

    That's natural if you're Asian, Italian, Iranian, Latina, etc, even blonde haired girls.

    BTW: "In Europe they don't care about hair on their arms, legs, facial, pubes, ONLY in America. If God wanted hair there, why did women have to worry so much about them, and men don't?" ~ Madonna Dec. 2013 issue Bazaar mag.

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    my wife just shaves it off once a week

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    wax strips

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