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On a scale of 1-10 how much does first time sex hurt?

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    10 = when the dentist hits a nerve that has not been numbed by the anesthesia, and the pain is so blinding that NOTHING else exists.

    8 = hitting the funnybone on your elbow

    7 = natural childbirth without any painkillers

    5 = stubbing your toe

    4 = a migraine headache

    2 = a normal headache

    1 = losing your virginity

    You have to put it into perspective. There is discomfort, hurting and utter pain

    And the MORE you tense up, the more you dread, the more it hurts. This applies to both all physical pain but also to our emotional pain (when we are unhappy). The more we focus on it, the more we dread it, the more we tense up and resist it . the more we hurt.

    It's like getting a needle in the arm. Little kids, all freaked out before they even GET there ... find it excruciating. Adults just relax and don't even blink an eye over it.

    WE are the ones who make most of the pain in any experience we have.

    No one gets through life without physical and psychological pain. But how much it hurts .. THAT is up to US.

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    hurt of girl or boy? for girl u can say 5

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