Why are there two different spider man movie series?

So there is a trilogy of "Spider-Man" from 2002 to 2007. And now there is a whole new series of "The Amazing Spider-Man". Why are there two separate series? They are both from the same producers, only different actors and characters. Why did they start from scratch instead of making Spider-Man 4?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Everyone thought Spiderman 3 was kind of a mess. Apparently there was already friction between Sony (the studio that makes these movies) and the director Sam Raimi when they were making the movie. I read that they made him include Venom even though he didn't really want to. Well after the movie came out they asked him to do Spiderman 4, and he was going to do it but they would not give him enough time and they again were limiting his creative control. He didn't want to deal with all of that anymore so he quit and then Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst followed suit. Well the problem is that Sony can only maintain the rights to Spiderman as long as they are actually making Spiderman movies. If they go too long without making a Spiderman movie, then the rights revert back to Marvel Studios (owned by Disney). The same goes for Fox's properties, they have been able to keep X-Men obviously and they are also keeping Fantastic Four because they are rebooting it, but they decided to just not make any more Daredevil, Ghost Rider or Punisher movies so all of those are Marvel's again. Well because Spiderman might be Marvel's most recognizable character, Sony didn't want to lose him so they decided they had to make another one as soon as possible and they rebooted the franchise with a new director and cast.

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    I think one follows the comics more than the others "In 2000, Marvel Comics launched their “Ultimate Marvel” comic book universe, starting with Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man. The goal was simple: create an alternate reality in which popular superhero origin stories were re-told in a modern context – free from decades of convoluted and dated backstory. New readers could start from a fresh beginning and follow a character through a more familiar world; longtime readers could get a new take on their favorite heroes, but could still enjoy the “classic version” being offered by the original comics."

    "So why reboot a property like Spider-Man so soon? Money, for one thing. After three films, Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire was getting $50 million to stay with the franchise for a least two more films – that’s $50 million in the budget just for the star to show up. Other big players in the franchise like Kirsten Dunst or director Sam Raimi would’ve also gotten fatter paychecks – and Raimi was pushing for more creative control on Spider-Man 4, after Sony forced him to wedge so many story elements into Spider-Man 3 that the whole thing became a bloated mess that most fans point to as the worst in the series. "You want 'Spider-Man4'? I want $50 million."

    With an inflating budget in the hundred millions and friction with the director who made the franchise so popular, how would a little studio like Sony (sarcasm) get the Spider-Man ship back on track? Why, with a fresh start of course – reboot to the rescue.By casting rising stars like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Sony spends less on actor paychecks;"

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