Are Michigan Ave. and State street near each other? In Chicago, IL?

I'm going into chicago for my birthday. I mainly want to go to shop at Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters but someone told me Urban Outfitters wasn't on Michigan Ave. like forever 21 is. (Yes, I know both of those shops are on State street, but we also want to shop on Michigan) So I was wondering, are they near each other? And what stop on the train is the closest?

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    Other Nick, you are terchnically correct, but we are talking about tourists here. If you tell a tourist they are one block apart, they will expect Michigan to be where Wabash Street is located. From the perspective of a tourist, it is two blocks. Sometimes giving applicable directions is better than being technically correct.

    Like the others were saying, the stores are on State just North of Monroe and South of Madison. Michigan Avenue will be two large streets over (so don't turn on Garland, which is basically an alley). Once you get to Michigan, most of the popular shopping will be North of the river. It is probably a six to eight minute walk to the river once you get on Michigan, and it will probably be another ten minutes to Water Tower Place. All-in-all, figure about a twelve minute walk to the start of the Mag Mile and another ten to the North side of the Mag Mile.

    If you are talking about the Metra when you ask about the train, the last stop is probably the closest. This will be Ogilvie, Union Station, or LaSalle Street depending on the line. If you are talking about the El (subway), there are a variety of stops nearby. Monroe on the Red Line or Madison/Wabash on the Loop (many lines) would be closest. If you are considering taking the train to the Mag Mile, don't. It is more time consuming than it is worth.

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    Both State and Michigan are north-south streets two to three blocks from one another.

    The main State Street shopping areas are in the Loop area, south of the Chicago River. You would take the CTA Red Line subway to Washington, Madison, or Jackson and walk up the stairs.

    The main Michigan Avenue shopping areas are north of the river. You would once again take the Red Line subway and get off at either Grand or Chicago Avenue, walk up the stairs, and walk three blocks east to Michigan Avenue.

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    4 years ago

    State and Michigan run pararell. Both run north to south.

    South of the river, they're 2 blocks apart but north of the river, they're 3 blocks apart until State ends at North Ave

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    If you're going to Chicago for a special trip, why go to Urban Outfitters and Forever 21? They have those shops in almost every mall in America. You can shop there when you're at home, they'll have the exact same inventory in Chicago as they will in West Virginia. If you're going to Chicago for a special birthday trip you should at least visit locally-owned Chicago boutiques and small businesses to buy things.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes, State St. is about 2 blocks west of Michigan Ave.,+IL/@41....

  • Tim
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    4 years ago

    Michigan avenue is amazing my favorite street in Chicago

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