face steaming and face mask?

Before i steam my face, should i wash it to get all the makeup off etc, then steam for 10 mins or so, then rinse, then put face mask on then rinse then moisturise?I do that now, just i dont know the order to do it all in. i mean its kind of common sense. When ive steamed my face, do i need to rinse or will putting the face mask on trap all the impurities?Do i need to rinse with cold water or warm to leave the pores open?just a little confused! little help please?... thanks

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  • 4 years ago
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    Hello there!

    Yes, always start with a clean face. Wash your makeup off with something gentle, in warm water. Dab dry. Then it's time to steam. After the steam, wipe your face gently with a cotton ball or something like that, to get off the impurities the steam brought to the surface. OR, rinse off your face with warm water to keep your pores open. Dab dry. Also, it's good to always dab your face dry instead of rubbing it dry, as it stretches the skin, the pulling on it. Then apply the mask. After the mask is washed/peeled off in warm water, then switch to cold water splashes to close the pores. Then apply your moisturizer.

    Never use hot water on your face.

    I hope this helped!

    Take care! :)

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