what is the difference between an event and a situation?

i have to describe a book and list the situations and event.. and dont know what would fit under each category.

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  • 5 years ago
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    a situation is something that exists in an ongoing way.

    an event happens once



    house fire

    divorce hearing



    fireworks show

    high school graduation ceremony

    baby's birth

    a person's death


    the fact that two people are married and have one threee-year old child is a situation.

    my mother is in the hospital on a respirator (that's a situation)

    my child is born with a club foot and the doctor suggested surgery (situation) - the surgery when it happens would be an event

    i have a high risk pregnancy going on and the doctor advised me against travel (that is my situation)

    i need to charge my cell phone because i applied for a job and i expect they may be calling me (situation) if i get a call, that's an event.

    i lost my job and can't make my rent this month. i'm in a situation. if i receive an eviction notice, that would be an event.

    the line isn't really totally clear. some things could be either. i lost my homework paper and can't turn it in. that could be viewed as either really from my perspective. it's kind of on the line.

    a situation is when you kind of need to maybe make a decision about what to do and the situtation is the circumstances - i'm stuck in a tree

    an event is when an action happens - when the fireman lifted me from the tree

  • 5 years ago

    An event is a specific incident in which A Thing Happens.

    A situation is a set of circumstances.

    It's common for beginning novelists and screenwriters to announce they have a story idea but struggle to make a story from it. That's because what they have created is a situation, no events. Examples:

    In Indiana in 2416, farmers are elite and powerful enough to take underfed workers from the fenced cities to plant, work, and harvest their crops. Sandra lives behind the fence and is thin and weak, rarely chosen. She thinks she's in love with the son of a farmer who picks new workers every day while his son looks on.

    It's prom season and all the students at Zombie High are in the gym, dancing in their lurching ways. It's decorated in the same theme as last year, Victorian Graveyard, and the effect on shy zombie Sandra is magical. The doors are locked so the cross-town rival students of Human High cannot get in and make trouble.

    Those are both situations (and silly ones at that). But there are no events. Something has to happen which causes Sandra to react, which leads to something else, and so on.

  • 5 years ago

    an event is what happens

    a situation is the predicament it puts you in

    like cause (event) and effect(situation)

  • 5 years ago

    event- what is happening...situation- what could happen

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