How do I study for science tests?

Now matter what I do and no matter how hard I study for science tests I can't get A's or B's ;(. It makes me really sad and I cry for at least 3 hours after every test cuz I never know what I'm doing!!! I study so hard for every test and quiz and nothing works!!!! My teacher never gives us study guides so I feel like that's one of the big issues but I ask him and he says, "just look at your notes" SERIOUSLY?! That obviously hasn't helped!!!!! My last unit test of the year is next Friday and I'm already freaking out. It's on astronomy. I feel like on every test I study all the stuff that's NOT on the test and it really frustreates me! I really need help I can't afford another break down after the test next Friday. Also it would be super helpful if you could throw in some tips about studying for my cumulative final which is 2 weeks away! Thank you for helping me!!

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  • lily
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    4 years ago
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    make quizlet, take prac tests online and GO OVER questions you got wrong everyday! and study extra notes buy buying books, looking online, and maybe asking your friend for help. get a tutor (there are tutors online who can help you) and you want to go over your study guide, but expand those terms detailed and think like you have to teach it to your siblings, friends, or someone you dont know! (thats the best way to study) and if think of it on the other persons perspective and if you feel like you covered everything, then you are good, but if there are still possible questions than you want to go over it more.

    its alot of work, but hard work and stress are worth it at the end.

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  • 4 years ago

    What I do is that I read the chapter, and take note of what I do not understand.

    The most effective tool in my studying is WATCHING VIDEOS. It helps a lot, trust me. Literally just go on youtube and search up the topic. There should be a large amount of videos willing to offer you assistance...

    Good luck :)

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