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What happens if you take a Hawk to Animal control/service?

Do they take them to a zoo or something? They don't put them down right? I'm asking because yesterday my dad and brother found two baby hawks, red tailed hawks I believe and they were being attacked by some other birds or something but they took them to the Pound or whatever and said that since they were protected by the country they weren't going to um kill them or put them down I guess is the right phrase for it. Is it true? Thanks.

Was just worried for them.

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    No, they have a wildlife rehabber take the animal - if it is injured a vet will help get it back to being able to be released into the wild again. If it's too badly injured but is able to survive, the hawk becomes part of the educational teachings they do.

    Our wildlife area has two owls who had a wing amputated, and a hawk who can't see enough to hunt. They're permanent residents.

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    Animal control will likely contact your state wildlife department. Most wild birds are protected under the Migratory birds act. You shouldn't take them out of the nest even if they were "attacked". Most small birds won't do any damage to baby hawks, unless they are as large as crows.

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    You would do better to contact your state conservation dept. Animal control usually only deal with domesticated animals . At least that is how it is in my state

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    They would be turned over to a licensed rehabber and released back to the wild.

    They may request you do this directly or send a rehabber to pick up the birds.

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