Ok... so I got some mail from the IRS (internal revenue service)...?

It is saying that I did not claim some money from my income taxes and I may be eligible for more money I signed it (because I am eligible according to the guidelines) and mailed it off on may 5th and the notice date was April 9th, so my question is actually a few questions...

1. Am I to late? Will I have to wait until next friggin year to get my money?

2. How long will it take them to get back to me? I get married in 53 days 11 hours and 38 minutes and could really use the money lol so will it comes back to me by then if I am not to late?

I will vote the best answer thank you.

Also... sorry if you can see my picture I was a kid and I can't change it... lol thanks yahoo. Anyways you guys rule I hope someone has the answer!

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  • 5 years ago
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    1. No

    2. figure 8-12 weeks

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