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DeantheBean asked in SportsBoxing · 4 years ago

Oscar Dela hoya is a underated Mexican legend Mexicans hate on him for the dumbest reasons?

Shouldn't Oscar be ranked up there with Erik Morales Marco Antonio Barrera Juan Manuel Marquez and Ricardo Lopez I sure hell know he is a far greater fighter than Juan Manuel Marquez in terms of accomplishments and excitement Mexicans hate on Oscar because he beat a old Julio Cesar Chavez twice I don't give Oscar credit for that first fight because Chavez came into the fight with a cut earlier in training they hate on him for being a pretty boy and saying he isn't Mexican enough he outclassed Felix Trinidad beat Ike quartey beat Hector Camacho in fashion beat Fernando vargaz and Genero Hernandez went to war with Shane Mosley he was so fun to watch so exciting he was great combination puncher with great handspeed a fast jab and a killer left hook one of the best left hooks I've seen a prime 90s Oscar Dela hoya was a joy to watch he isn't given the credit he deserves I'm half Mexican my dad's full Mexican and I love watching Oscar fight in his prime he makes Canelo Alvarez look like a Clown

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  • Jose
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    4 years ago
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    ODLH definitely was a great fighter (especially from Jr. Welterweight/Super Lightweight on down). At Welterweight, he was less dominant and I would consider him a very good A-level boxer (in his prime).

    It's a good question as to who is ranked higher (Barrera, Morales, Marquez, or Oscar). Barrera was a very fundamentally sound boxer-puncher and I think that his skills are the most comparable to Oscar's. Marquez was also a boxer-puncher, but he specialized in counter punching (and as such, his offensive technique suffered more throughout the years). Morales I would consider a puncher-boxer (not a boxer-puncher). He was the most crude out of any of them, but still a phenomenally dangerous fighter in his prime.

    The way that Marquez dominated a prime Pacquiao (even in his "losses") is something no other fighter has done (upon close inspection). Morales also beat a prime Pacquiao.

    But as great as they all were, I would rank Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., Salvador Sanchez, Baby Arizmendi, Carlos Zarate, Ruben Olivares, and Vicente Saldivar above any of them. As an example, Baby Arizmendi defeated the legendary Henry Armstrong TWICE and fought some of the greatest legends in boxing's greatest era. That is far, far above anything ODLH ever did (with all due respect).

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    • Oscar was his best at welterweight he transformed into a full fledged fighter his best fights we're at 147 Julio Cesar Chavez is easily above Oscar Barrera Morales and Marquez

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  • 4 years ago

    My dad likes Oscar and he's straight Mexican who don't like non Latino fighters.

    I think he got some hate during the Chavez and Vargas fights though.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I'm Mexican myself and other Mexicans annoy me at times

    They didnt like Oscar many of them still don't but they'll claim this piece of **** Triple G? You must really hate yourself if you can't support one of your own but celebrate some white boy? Damn man.

    Triple G to me ain't ****. He's a culture vulture, and he and his fat *** incompetent coach are Pimping the Mexican fan base.

  • 4 years ago


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