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What do you think about Feminist Frequency's review of Uncharted 4?

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List how many times this review references Cliche, claims something is just a 'Plot Point', references genders or races.


I'd like to quote the main point of this review 'Very Privileged White People' This is the main issue I have with FemFreq, these acclaimed 'Media Critics' and 'Public Speakers' don't seem to know how to produce anything that doesn't come right down to 'I'm using Buzzwords, Buzzwords we all know trigger people' Later on Anita Sarkeesian will do yet another 'Don't Trigger Me' video hypocriticing the exact style that she & her group of overpaid minions enforce.

Update 2:

Feminist Frequency has also gone the Jack Thompson on 'Violence in Video Games' even though multiple psychological studies have proven over multiple decades that Video Games do not cause Violence, nor does Grand Theft Auto advertise or 'Encourage' players to 'Commit Sexual Violence and Kill Women'.

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    Good god. Do they ever talk about the actual game mechanics? The artwork? The environment? The engine? No, all about the story, and not even in a proper way, more like "I didn't like killing all those people, it made me cry, I wish he just stayed home and then I could play stay-at-home simulator 4". They're wasting their time, and ours.

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    It's too many to count. She sounds like a completely brainwashed moron to even make the references she was making about Elaina being oppressed in to a house wife role or the portrayal of different ethnic minorities.

    Feminists should not be reviewing video games or in anything to do with leisure/entertainment. The fact that she let on as if she is butt hurt by the role of a female in a video game is a reflection of how irrationally geared many of their minds are. It's a video game lol. Grow up already.

    The Uncharted series is the best game of its kind and should not be even viewable by morons such as the one in this video.

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    Seemed pretty thorough. I actually like it a lot. I might check out that game for myself. I'm not sure if the person who did the review is a male or a female though. Any guesses?

    I only remember hearing them say "cliche" one time. Same for "plot point."

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