Math Problem- The Drama Production(Easy 10pts)?


Daffany and her friends are in a drama production. At the beginning of the show, she and the others all line up behind Augie, march on stage, and then peel off from a marching circle until one person is left.

Actually, every other person starting with the lead person peels off. The others keep marching around in the circle until it is their turn to peel off. As they peel off from the marching circle, they form a line from left to right across the stage. The final order is supposed to be Augie, Beatrice, Corrine, Daffany, Estefan, Fiona, Gwendolyn, Heather, Ilana, Jackie, Kent and Lorena. In what order do they need to line up originally?


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    A G B J C H D L E I F K

    The first part is easy

    The first 6 to peel off are ABCDEF, therefore they have to be first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh respectively

    This then leaves 6 positions 2,4,6,8,10,12 to fill

    Position 2 has to be G

    then skip position 4

    Position 6 has to be H

    then skip position 8

    Position 10 has to be I

    Skip position 12

    This now leves 3 positions to be filled 4, 8, 12

    Position 4 has to be J

    Skip position 8

    Position 12 has to be K

    Leaving L to position 8

    A peels off and G doesn't

    B peels off and J doesn't

    C peels of and H doesn't

    D peels off and L doesnt

    E peels off and I doesn't

    F peels off and K doesn't

    This leaves

    GJHLIK in that order

    G peels off and J doesn't

    H peels off and L doesn't

    I peels off and K doesn't

    This leaves JLK

    J peels off and L doesn't

    K peels off

    L finally peels off

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