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Is there a group like the ACLU for persecuted Christian Conservative Republican teenagers??

I was pleasuring myself to relieve tension in sex ed because I have anxiety and compulsive masturbation habit which helps me cope. Plus its sex ed enforced by socialist statist atheist nazis so of course the class turns me on and its not even my fault. I swear my mom even wrote me a note saying its ok for me to relieve tension this way in class so as long as I keep it in my pants and don't c u m on other students, my teacher, the desks, school supplies etc... and I kept my end of the deal up by keeping it that way! My liberal feminist teacher who is probably voting for Shillary didn't care and still kicked me out because I refused to remove my hands from my pants until I was finished. I honestly feel that she only did this because I am a devout Christian who proudly wears a giant cross on my neck and called her a murderer when she taught the class about abortion along with pregnancy prevention and adoption. I was then expelled. I really don't believe that she and the school would have persecuted me in such a manner had I been a Muslim, or an Atheist, or a Jew, or even a Scientologist or a person of color or an illegal or a tranny. But because I am a straight white cisgender male, proud Christian, and a card carrying member of Teenage Republicans I am persecuted on a daily basis. I really believe this leads to my anxiety and masturbation compulsion which keeps getting me even more persecuted. It there anyone I can find to help me to sue to restore my dignity that I am entitled

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    You should go ask this question to a psychiatrist. He'll send you to a special place where you will no longer be persecuted and all your worries will go away.

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    Yes. There really is. The 700 Club w. Pat Robertson had that guy as a guest, on the show. I forget his name but he is the head of this Christian conservative "ACLU" type legal organization.

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    This would normally get an extremely high troll score, I mean something like a 9 out of 10, but for the fact that you posted it anonymously. That kind of ruined the entire effect. Good writing, but you chickened out at the end and went the anonymous route.

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