I need a title for children's book.. also what is an authors note?

The book is basically about two small children who are complete opposites of each other, one has darker skin while the other one has lighter skin. They end up looking past their differences and becoming friends. What should the title be for this story?

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    An author's note is something that the Author puts into their story that gives their thoughts on it. It's like, in Bertolt Brecht's plays, one of the characters gets out of character to explain the narrative. It's basically a break in the Fourth Wall (look up that term). It can also be an essay of sorts written on what you wrote, and explanation of artistic vision. Basically, anywhere you insert your opinion on the book, and want the reader to be clued in.

    Titling a Kid's story is very hard, and is not my expertise. I wanted to answer the second question, but for quality's sake: you don't want to go serious, always lighthearted. You also don't want to be intellectual. Kids don't like that (one of the few audiences where I'd suggest you cut back on that). You want something goofy, something that doesn't take itself too seriously, like "The Cat in the Hat," or "One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Blue Fish," (This one was too long to hold my interest. Lol.) "Wacky Wednesday," "Care Bears," "Monsters Come in Many Colors." I mean, "Monsters Come in Many Colors" is probably as intellectual as you want to get with a kid's book. Any demographic for children that requires something more thought provoking I don't know. I never read books like that when I turned 7. The ones I mentioned were the cannon of my youth. Lol.

    To answer your question in my comments, I'd say do it in the preface. My distinction between the two words, Preface and Author's Note, is that a Preface is more an informative piece on the author and the book that gives factual or background information. An Author's Note, the way I've used it, is more a break in the fourth wall. At least, that's the only way I can describe it. Probably, what you want is a preface and no Author's Note if that's what you want to include.

    Hopefully this helps.

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    An Author's Note is background information about the book - how it came to be written, what the author's influences were, anything that you feel would interest the reader, and perhaps answer some questions s/he might still have about the text. It doesn't go into the text of the story - if you want to add anything there - such as your own opinions on what is happening or a quick explanation of something that might puzzle your readers - it is called an Authorial Intrusion. Some people don't like them, although I think they can be very successful (see Lemony Snickett for instance).

    You can mention your place of birth in your Author's Note - especially if it's relevant, your age, if you want to - I usually mention my cats. It's up to you. And give your website address - also if you like.

    Your title really depends on what you've written and only you know that. Perhaps just the names of the girls: "Jenny and Jane" or whatever they are.

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