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Online Violin Tutor?

I want to pay per month but why is it that most tutors wants to pay per hour?! And 50$ per HOUR?! Seriously?! Our local tutors here are only worth less than 20$ per MONTH and they are good. WHY SO EXPENSIVE!?

Suggestions please?

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    Do you think the rate would somehow be lower if it were given per month instead of per hour? That's probably not true, and from a book-keeping standpoint, allowing people to pay in different frequencies and rates is extremely inefficient because you have to look each person up and determine what they are supposed to pay rather than charging everyone the same thing.

    I don't know of anyone who teaches lessons for $20/month, assuming we are talking US dollars. That's about $5 per lesson if you are getting four lessons a month. If those are half-hour lessons, that adds up to about $10/hour. You can make more than that doing un-skilled labor without so much as a high school diploma. A music teacher working for that probably has no training and therefore would be a waste of time and money. I don't know why you think your local tutors who supposedly charge that are good, but if that's what you want, go to them. You're not going to find that online from a legitimate teacher. If that's what a music store charges, they are taking a significant cut, so the teacher would barely be making making minimum wage. I do a lot of work for my students outside of lessons, mostly choosing music for them but I also do a lot of communicating with them or with parents outside of lessons. A teacher who is barely making minimum wage in lessons is not going to do any extra work outside of the lesson. Pay more, you generally get a better teacher.

    Thirty to fifty dollars per hour is very typical for music lessons. I know of at least one teacher in my area (well, about 45 minutes away but same city) who charges $70/hour, and I have heard of higher rates in other areas. Online violin lessons with me are $20/half-hour, so it would be $40/hour. I don't know about these other teachers you are finding. They might be scheduling lessons one at a time instead of a month at a time. However, I can speak for my studio. My rates are the same whether you come to my studio or see me online. The same is true for the other instructors in my studio. For a home lesson, you have to pay a little more to cover the drive. When someone calls or emails me to ask about lessons, I give them the rate for a single thirty-minute lesson. That's simply the way I state it. However, we always collect a month's worth at a time. April just ended. All of my clients have spent the past week paying for and scheduling lessons in May. Some of them paid for five lessons, some only paid for two. One of them paid for eight and another for thirteen. One pays double the rate for hour-long lessons instead of half-hour lessons. When I have students who are not taking the typical one thirty-minute lesson per week, giving a monthly rate is misleading. Even if everyone had the same number of lessons per week, we would be cheating ourselves four times a year for every student if we charged a flat monthly rate, because any given day of the week occurs five times a month one third of the time.

    There is a lot of information out there about lessons supposedly being less expensive if you take them online, but whoever said that first forgot to ask the teachers. That should only be true if your teacher lives in an area with a lower cost of living. The teacher is still at the studio and still reserves that time, whether you are physically there or not. They could be spending that same amount of time with a student who is physically in their studio, so if they charge less for online lessons, they are losing that money. The only way I can think of to get around that would be pre-recorded videos and sporadic live lessons, and that's only a little better than watching YouTube videos and trying to figure things out on your own.

    Lessons are expensive, as is even a barely passable student violin. It is simply the reality of learning to play the instrument, and no one can change that for you or make exceptions because you can't or don't want to pay more than twenty dollars per month. There are too many other people out there who want to learn just as badly and are trying to haggle for a discount, and differing rates based on how much someone begs is unfair and potentially damaging to a teacher's reputation.

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