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Should I speak to my customer service manager about this write up that I disagree with? (long but please read)?

Hi everyone -

I'm currently a cashier at a local grocery store (not an extravagant job, I'm aware), and I would say I'm a good employee at work. I work hard, I am a good multi-tasker, and I work quickly while being very efficient (I am often complimented by my customers about this trait). I'm not sure if that is relevant in my situation, but I felt the need to put out that information.

I have worked at my job for over a year, and the whole time I have worked there, I have been getting worsening muscle spasms in my back. There are often nights where I come home from work, and I'm laying in my bed, and I can't move even an inch because I get VERY sharp and shooting pains right above my buttock in my lower right side of my back. Recently, I came home from work (last Friday - about a week ago) at 11:30 pm, and I was in bed laying on my right side, and my boyfriend had to lift my left leg up just re-position it into a more comfortable spot. After dealing with for a year, I decide that enough is enough and that I will go to Urgent Care or even the hospital in the morning (my regular pcp is closed weekends). I happen to work at 11 am the next day, and my work has a policy where if you were to call off, you need to call off at least 2 hours before your shift so they have plenty of time to replace your shift.

I call at 8:10 am the next morning, and my supervisor (lets say her name is Janice) picks up. I start to explain about my situation, she screams "OOOOH!" into the phone.


I thought this was weird of her to do, but I continue just in case she was talking to someone in person and not me. She does it again, and I am about to stop talking because in my mind I'm just thinking "what is going on", and then she hangs up. I wait about 5 minutes, then I call again and another supervisor of mine (lets call her Carrie) picks up and I start to explain about my back and how I can't come in.She hangs up in mid-sentence. I message Carrie on Facebook about whats going on,

Update 2:

and I also say I will call again because I am well aware you can't call off work through Facebook, that's absurd. I call about 9:30 am (a little later than I normally would - if something was wrong with the phone system which has happened before it would give them some time to fix it). Janice picks up and I explain my situation, we talked and I called off. I end up going to MedExpress, and I was given a doctors note for that day and the next day.MedExpress also wants PCP to see if I could ge

Update 3:

x-rays on my lower back. I painfully come in later that day to give my customer service manager (who wasn't there for me calling off as she came in at about 1230) my doctors note, and she is a good manager in my eyes, and she seemed to understand my situation about my back (I didn't explain to her about the phone calls prior), I explained to her that I was told to get xrays and that I was told to wear a back brace from now on, etc... I came into work yesterday at 11 am and Janice is working,

Update 4:

and she calls me into the customer service office and presents to me a paper that happens to be a write up. I was written up for calling off a half hour before my shift (she emphasized many times that "i called THIRTY minutes before my shift, you can't do that THIRTY minutes before my shift"). This whole week my customer service manager is on vacation, so I didn't speak with her at all about it, only Janice. Sorry for the essay, but I feel like this write up is done incorrectly

Update 5:

I spoke to my mom about this because I was upset, and she has plenty of experience she has been a boss to many employees, and she told me to take it up with my Union and file a dispute. The rest of my family and my boyfriend agree. I was just wondering what y'all think before I actually do it since obviously you guys arent not family and are unbiased - my manager comes back from vacation tomorrow so I would speak to her then.

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  • 4 years ago
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    Why didn't you get chiropractic help on your back?

    Are you wearing the right shoes? Do they have you standing on anti-fatigue mats? Did you use ibuprophin halfway through a shift?

    The fact you were at the hospital with an emergency is your strongest card to play here.

    • hello
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      4 years agoReport

      Mostly because I thought itd go away. Im wearing good shoes that are made for standing long periods at a timr, and yeah they give us them,I do often ask for iBruprofen during the shift. I told my customer service manager and she retracted my write up,told me that she would pissed too if that was her

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  • ?
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    4 years ago


    Also check out Worman's Compensation

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Long question, short answer, yes!

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