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When should you start talking to a military recruiter?

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    Towards the end of your junior year would be a good time to start. That way you will have time to establish contact and rapport with them as well as take a look at what and how things are currently with the military and where that recruiter thinks things are heading as well. The military is not a static, never changing organization like so many think it is. It really does change some within itself and those changes along with current trends could impact you then enlisting after your senior year and what job you might even get.

    Things like six year enlistments and guaranteed job contracts, wavers for minor drug use, manning and budget projections and needs and are those going up or being cut, the current world affairs in places where the military currently plays a role and the ops tempo for it. These are just some of the things that sometimes are available or present or might change which could affect your enlisting. Contacting your recruiter early then also allows you time to research things and do some thinking about them also before jumping into and making a decision or maybe not having much choice about things at all. That and high test scores really can make a difference in some things for a person and what jobs are available to them for enlistment.

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    You need to ask A LOT of questions of your recruiters and others. You need to get all points of view.

    You should always have good questions, whether you interview for a job, are buying a car, or are considering enlisting. It does two things. It actually answers your questions and it shows you have interest. You're on the right track asking questions on Yahoo.

    Ask what it means when people say, "We're fighting for our freedoms." Ask how our constitution in threatened by so many countries around the world.

    Ask for evidence for the line, "They hate us for our freedoms." How do people know this? Was a poll done?

    Ask if intervention is really about oil. See the comments made by generals, politicians, and Alan Greenspan saying that it is about oil. General John Abizaid said, "Of course it’s about oil, it’s very much about oil, and we can’t really deny that." Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hegel acknowledged oil saying, "We’re not there for figs."

    Ask if there were WMD in Iraq. Ask if it was a handful of inert, low quality, obsolete, and mostly useless items from the 1980s, or something else. Ask about the former statement made by a former CIA deputy director about WMD. Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell apologized to Colin Powell, saying, "We said he [Saddam Hussein] has chemical weapons, he has a biological weapons production capability, and he's restarting his nuclear weapons program. We were wrong on all three of those."

    Ask why the American consumer never benefited from this oil. Ask if some people made money off the oil, but American taxpayers got stuck footing the bill.

    Ask if the military has become a bloated and an unwelcome presence in the world. Ask if the phrase "World's Policeman" has almost become a parody.

    Ask why the CIA supply the "good" rebels one year, but then disavows them and makes fake beheading videos when those rebels are no longer useful.

    Ask people your questions at the websites Iraq Vets Against the War and Vietnam Vets Against the War.

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    When you get ready to join the military. You should start talking to them if you have serious questions about enlistment opportunities.

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    a week after you get out of the Military.

    His info will really be useful then.

    Source(s): are people just getting stupider these days, or what?
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    when you want to enlist

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