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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 4 years ago

Are these foods good for weight loss?

I plan on eating instant oatmeal for breakfast and chobani greek yogurt for lunch. Are these foods good for weight loss? I really need to lose about 20 pounds within 3 months so I am pretty desperate. And are almonds and pretzels good snacks that won't cause weight gain? What are some snacks I can have throughout the day that are good for me? Thanks so much!

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  • 4 years ago
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    Oatmeal good, though instant not as good since it's been pre-coooked and the B vitamins that aid in weight loss are partly damaged. Yogurt no good; by law it's not real yogurt anymore, it's only a dairy dessert. Milk, sugar, throat slime (Streptococcus thermophilus). Says it must have strep right on the FDA website. Almonds are very good and there are studies behind them at Pretzels are not; they are only empty calories. Unless you can find whole grain pretzels.

    Sunflower seeds are similar to almonds nutritionally. You can get sprouted sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds which are even better since they're easier to digest. Pumpkin seeds are likewise healthy; loaded with zinc and helpful B vitamins. And no, studies don't show the same benefit nor much of any benefit from a multivitamin. Seafood likewise has lots of studies supporting its connection to weight loss, even fancy double blind placebo controlled. Spinach and broccoli are both extremely high in a wide variety of nutrients and yet very low in calories; probably the highest nutrient per calorie of any foods. Spinach cranberry almond salad is nice. Broccoli with hummus dip is nice (hummus is also good for you), but be careful too much hummus can make you fart like any bean. For something more filling I'd find a whole grain food to snack on, such as whole grain pretzels or whatever you find.

    Do lots of cardio to help weight loss too.

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  • Andy C
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    4 years ago

    It's not totally ehat you eat but how much.

    To lose weight, one must burn more calories than they consume.

    That yogurt is HIGH in calories. That makes it potentially bad.

    Ditch the pretzels and eat fruit and nuts for snacking.

    Eat less caloric, more filling foods high in fiber.

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