Overloaded with spam, how do I block them or at least make it stop?

I've been overloaded with spam emails from the same people/company. Unsubscribing doesn't work and there is no number to call. I've marked them as spam and moved the emails to my spam section but it's almost like they've bypassed the spam folder so they could still email me. How do I stop it? Or at least block them? And I've looked online for ways to block them and there aren't any options in the spam section to block. Please help, I get about 50 emails a day from them. These are the people I get emails from: student@studentresourcepage.com, info@studentcenteronline.com, info@schoolfundingportal.com, bulletin@scholarshipsearchtools.com, support@findschoolfunding.com, smtp@studentcenteronline.com. It's all the same people, when I unsubscribe it takes me to the same unsubscription page but never actually unsubscribed me.

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