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Who are your top 3 favorite martial artist, on film?

1) Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was lightning quick with his strikes,reflexes,and movement. It's a shame the camera couldn't pick up on his real speed,and had to slow him down(One of his greatest strengths, was his speed). Bruce Lee wasn't just fast, but he had amazing tempo,rhythm,timing,and technique;making it nearly impossible to predict him,and counter him. Bruce Lee was the strongest lightweight of all time,no doubt. His strength, and power for his size was ungodly. I don't need to explain anything else.

1.5) Donnie Yen. Donnie Yen is over 50,and just keeps getting better with age. Donnie Yen is extremely fast with his strikes,and movement(Probably the fastest,and quickest martial artist today). He has the same qualities as Bruce Lee did,imo. He has amazing cardio/endurance, amazing speed, great boxing, amazing leg dexterity and is so clean, and accurate. Donnie Yen has become a master over the years in martial arts/mma. His stand-up is no only amazing, but he now has a great ground game,too. The most versatile fighter I have seen. His experience is unmatched.


2) Jacky Wu Jing. Jacky Wu Jing is insanely fast with his punches, and kicks. He is so graceful,and brutal,no-nonsense, at the same time(Depending on what character he plays). He is like a video game character with his pretty moves,and amazing agility/speed. He can do flips, run up walls,and 720 kicks that will knock you out faster than you can blink.He easily has some of the best kicks in martial arts,with his amazing leg dexterity. He could probably beat a young Donnie Yen in a fight.

Update 2:

3) Tony Jaa. There is only is much I can type,lol

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    Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Sonny Chiba

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    Kutthe 13 keep show the best move and shesh is now praf to Kajukenbo Emperors

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    That Gene Lebell guy, the one that can choke out Bruce, Jackie and that Donnie kid without even breaking a sweat.

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