Installed new SSD now internet takes forever on browsers, any ideas?

Hello there, thanks in advance for help.

Recently my computer s old hard disk drive (2 tb) packed in, so I decided to cash out on a new ssd. It s a 250gb Samsung 850 pro. After a lot of hassle, realising the drive wasn t even initialised, and having to buy a dock for it to go into my laptop to initialise it, I then clean installed Windows, all the drivers, and everything else. I struggle to use the browser due to it taking forever to load well... Anything, really. Which is weird, it s happened on all browsers I have being chrome and IE. No proxy settings, internet works alright on the likes of steam, not great, but better than my browser for goodness sake.. And nothing else has changed! No other hardware changes, ISP still the same, all that crazy stuff. Sometimes it ll pick up for a split second when loading a page, but it s just not right. Any ideas what I could try?




Forgot to add that it's a Tends W322P I have, and yes I have used other devices in the WiFi at the same time and different times, and disabled them while my desktop is on, and they're lightning fast in comparison. And it's not distance between my computer and router before anyone asks

Update 2:

Turns out it isn't the browser in particular I believe? It's so weird, such a computer thing, but for some reason it just fluctuates so much, doesn't matter what I'm on, it's really quite annoying... Ugh computers haha

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  • 4 years ago

    Run task manager and resource monitor see what is really going on.

    Find out about the 'trim' system operation that Windows should invoke automatically when it detects an SSD. This speeds up write operations to the SSD by preparing spare locations for faster writes. There is a test for it, but I cannot remember what it is.

    I upgraded my desktop from having C: on an HDD to having it on an SSD. Browser operations are much faster, but accessing files on D:, which is still on the HDD are slower as the HDD tends to spin down when it isn't used for a few minutes.

    Good luck.

    • Gavin4 years agoReport

      Have already tried my hand at task manager and resource monitor, couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, but will give it another look over. Will definitely look into trim, though I'm almost certain any of the write operations can't be to do with this, you can never be too sure.. Cheers!

  • 4 years ago

    Try a clean install of whatever browser you are using. To do a clean install you may want to consider downloading Revo Uninstaller as this cleans out pretty heavily as compared to the builtin uninstaller!

    Apart from this "Anything really.." do you mean all your apps are slow? If so then it sounds like your SSD is not compatible with your device. It doesnt help if you just buy a faster drive, your computer needs to support this as well.

    Another school of thought is that the Hardware might be damaged (unlikely!) in which case you will need to replace it from the vendor you bought it from. (Hardware being your SSD)

    Hope this helps!

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  • 4 years ago

    How much open space did you leave on the SSD? A 250GB SSD is not that large and, if you mostly filled it up, your system will run very slow.

    • Gavin4 years agoReport

      I know what you mean, don't worry I'm keeping an eagle eye on my storage, but since it's new it's still fairly unused at the moment! Mostly free bar a few necessary applications and a game, cheers for the thought though!

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