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YWWE Raw pick winners and rate matches and show?

WWE- Edge

Intercontinental- Roman Reigns

European- Drew McIntyre

Women's- Mia Yim

World Tag Team- Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli

WWE Champion, Edge comes to the ring. He talks about winning the title at Clash of the Champions. Some say he cheated to win, but it was an Elimination Chamber. There were no rules. Raw GM, Abtaham Washington comes out. He asks Edge how it feels to be Champion. Edge says its great. Washington tells him to get ready to make his first defense. Because in three weeks time he will get to defend it in another Elimination Chamber. Edge protests saying he needs time off. Washington says Edge needs to be a fighting champion. Kane's music hits. Kane says he wants a title shot now. If it weren't for the low blow, he'd be champion. Not Edge. CM Punk's music hits. Then JBL's. Then Kurt Angle's. Then Brock Lesnar's. Washington says it is good they are all here. He is sure they all want to be in the Elimination Chamber as well. And they will all get a chance. The four of them will get chance tonight in a 10 man battle royal. The other participants will be Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Abyss, Big Show, Rey Mysterio & Scott Steiner. The stakes are high for the four of them because whichever one of them is eliminated first, will not be in the chamber. The winner however, will be. So will Edge and Kane. As for Kane's request for a title shot, he gets one tonight.


Kane smiles and grabs Edge, choke slamming him. Punk then hits the GTS on Edge, then Brock hits the F5 and Angle applies the Ankle Lock. JBL looks on and looks like he is about to hit Angle with the Clothesline from Hell, but leaves

1. Mia Yim v Melina

British Bulldog is about to be ready for his European title shot when David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Dynamite Kid greet him. Smith says they will be there to support Bulldog. He thanks them and they all leave together

Update 2:

2. Drew McIntyre (c) v British Bulldog w/ David Hart Smith Tyson Kidd & Dynamite Kid (European Championship)

Intercontinental Champion, Roman Reigns comes out for commentary

3. Daniel Bryan w/ Brie Bella v Davy Richards w/ Eddie Edwards

Post Match- Reigns sneaks in the ring and nails Danielson with a Superman Punch followed by a Spear

4. Adrian Neville v Damien Sandow

Update 3:

5. John Bradshaw Layfeild v CM Punk v Kurt Angle v Brock Lesnar v Samoa Joe v Randy Orton v Abyss v Big Show v Rey Mysterio v Scott Steiner (10 Man Battle Royal Winner Gets in Elimination Chamber)

6. Edge (c) v Kane (WWE Championship)

Update 4:

For BA consideration please list all elimitions in order and who it was by

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    Segment 1.-What a way to open Raw, straight to the point and action packed. I liked the little teasing of a JBL and Kurt feud at the end of this 10/10

    Match 1.-Mia Yim squashes Melina, borderline murder here. 5/10

    Segment 2.-Another straight to the point promo, it does it's job. Hypes the importance of the match. 10/10

    Match 2.-McIntyre wins, overcoming all odds. 9/10

    Segment 3.-Roman Reigns baby. 10/10

    Match 3.-D Bry wins in a technical masterpiece. This is PPV worthy. 10/10

    Segment 4.-Ah shiiiiitt, this is what Raw is about. RAW action, Reigns looking strong. Good. 10/10

    Match 4.-Neville squashes Sandow, entertaining nonetheless. 6/10

    Match 5.-Lesnar wins by last eliminating JBL 10/10


    1.-Everyone eliminates Abyss

    2.-Everyone eliminates Steiner

    3.-Everyone eliminates Big Show

    4.-Samoa Joe eliminates Mysterio

    5.-JBL eliminates Orton

    6.-Angle eliminates Joe

    7.-JBL eliminates Angle

    8.-Lesnar eliminates Punk

    Match 6.-Edge wins with some cheating of course, 9/10

    Post Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: 49/60 B

    Entertainment Value: 40/40

    Show Value: 89/100 B+

    Post Show Awards:

    Match of the Night: The battle royal, I love me some battle royals. And this one had a lot of stars and a stip making it really intriguing.

    Trash of the Night: Mia Yim squashing Melina, Melina needs to go.

    Post Show Comments: Hell of a card and show you put together, this was a PPV caliber Raw. Keep it up.

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