What topics can I argue about an Author?

I have to do a presentation and I chose to argue about an author. But I don't really know what to argue about :\

Any suggestions on topics would be greatly appreciated!

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    4 years ago
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    Which author? That is rather important as different authors write very different things (even within a 'single genre').

    You can always contrast popularity with critical acclaim (it's absurd that sir Terry Pratchett was never nominated for a Nobel literature prize - but hey, pre J.K. Rowling he was THE best selling living British author by far at least).

    You can usually contrast your chosen author's works with the works of others. Or with how the same theme is used in different media (books versus films or tv --- Neil Gaiman both wrote the novel Stardust and turned it into a movie script; his remarks about that are quite educational).

    You could compare the authors' treatment of a subject with how that subject was treated at other times and / or in other places. Maybe 's [self proclaimed] convictions ---- China Mieville (British author, of UNLUNDUN, KRAKEN, PERDIDO STREET STATION and other books) is a Trotski-ist (why? What does that even mean?).

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