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Did Snow White leave the rest of this season of Once Upon a Time because Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant? Will she return this season or next?

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    They didn't hide Ginnifer's pregnancy so well.So i guess they just decided to have Snow go to Storybrooke for a bit so Ginnifer can have her maternity leave. I'm sure she will be back by the end of the season or by Season 6 since she should have her baby by the time Season 6 starts filming.

    They are doing the same with Belle since Emilie was also pregnant and made Belle take that Sleeping Curse

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    Yeah, but I'm a bit confused because I thought she couldn't leave Hell. Why was she able to leave?

    I missed some episodes so...rather confused at the moment.

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    Snow White is one of the lame characters, they should kill her off.

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