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Anon asked in HealthWomen's Health · 4 years ago

Why can't i feel anything when i masturbate?!?

I'm 17 years of age, i am female...for a long time i been trying to masturbate but i would not feel anything at all! As if i am not sensitive in that area. I've tried using toys and I don't feel anything, I've been fingered by a partner before and i did not feel a thing. I've been told maybe im not wet enough but I've used lube and it doesn't do anything (i do get horny though i just can't do nothing about it). What is wrong with me how can I change this? Is there medication for this? If so what is it? Is this a medical problem i should checkout? Ik this is awkward but if anyone has some answers i would really appreciate the help!

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  • 4 years ago
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    Maybe you are not hitting the right spot.

    Vaginal stimulation can be nice but rarely leads to orgasm.

    Clitoral stimulation is far more likely to lead to arousal and orgasm.

    It strikes as an example of bad design that the clitoris is external to the vagina.

    I'd imagine the boys who have touched you have been inexperienced and not know what really matters.

    Arousal/orgasm is as much about your frame of mind as the physical stimulation so is it possible you are not relaxing into it?

    All I can suggest is to lock the door, get in the right mood, use plenty of lube and touch yourself in any way that brings you pleasure. The chances are the best results will come from clitoral stimulation, right at the top of your vagina lips.

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