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Obama: ‘Simply Locking People Up Doesn’t Make Communities Safer’? What is wrong with him?

That is the rational response to him destroying my country, intentionally.

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    The United States of America is President Obama's country, rightwing extremist! And the country for ALL Americans of all ethnicities, all faith choices, all skin colors...not just yours.

    Instead of "BreitBratting" (taking out of context, distorting, lying, omitting) the speech made by President Obama in his call for prison reforms and reforms in our judicial system nationwide, why not go to and READ the ENTIRE SPEECH!? Of course, you would then need to ASSIMILATE the words you read...and your question seems to indicate that such assimilation would be beyond your will or your skill.

    I happen to have a contractor friend of mine locked up in Missouri for a NONCRIME (he got drunk in a bar, which is not even a crime in the state of Missouri---and no charges were ever filed, nothing was damaged). The Circuit Judge who gave my contractor friend five years probation for a NONCRIME is also the judge who owns both for-profit probation offices and he owns all of the for-profit testing labs for Phelps County, St. Louis, and Lebanon, Missouri! The first "probation violation" came because a female part-time cop in Rolla stopped my friend for "following too close to the vehicle in front of him"---ignoring the fact that my friend was in the 35 mph zone leaving McDonald's Restaurant on a mandatory right turn and the old guy in front of him had approached the next block's 15 mph for entering the rotary, but then had slowed even more to make a right turn onto Hwy. 44! There was NO PROBABLE CAUSE to make this stop! The female officer then asked my friend, who had gotten off work, stopped for a few games of pool (nice and normal), then headed for some food before heading home. She asked if he had consumed any alcohol, and he told the truth---I had two beers over about an hour and a half, and she violated him even though he blew ZERO TWICE on the breathalyzer she administered. The Judge had him placed under House Arrest (for which he makes money off the fees for the ankle bracelet) on a charge that a lawyer I hired for $2500 got DISMISSED. He stressed out over the next two months, and drove inebriated through a small town, stopped for speeding above the 20 mph limit (he was doing 35), and he is now in prison---a for-profit prison five hours away.

    What good does locking this person who is only in prison due to a judge's PUBLIC CORRUPTION on a NONCRIME that initiated the probation which was claimed to have been "violated" make the community "safer" when he cannot drive? This guy was working at a glass company and paying taxes, helping me renovate my old house on weekends. Now he is a nonproductive member of society, incarcerated for an original "six months" but having his April 21 release date DELAYED because the Republicans have not approved enough judicial appointments and because a small town without enough judges delayed the court date for the speeding/DUI for an unconstitutional (8th Amendment violating) six months, taking the hearing past the December 2015 Parole Board meeting at the for-profit prison so now my friend has to wait for a GOP-underfunded Parole Board meeting that is two months away to get his "consecutive" and "time served" ruling enforced only three months late! I agree with President Obama.

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    O J Simpson hasn't lost any wives since he was put away.

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    He has a level of intelligence which most people find difficult to comprehend.

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      With his level of intelligence he has much difficulty understanding some very basic and obvious things.

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    I don't blame you. The conservative thought process basically begins and ends with "this seems like it should work".

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