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What does"At le Grau du Rai"mean in this indention below? le grau du rai and Aigues Mortes are the cities in France.why "at" & why not "in"?

THEY WERE LIVING at Ie Grau du Rai then and the hotel was on,

a canal that ran from the walled city of Aigues Mortes straight

down to the sea. They could see the towers of Aigues Mortes

across the low plain of the Cam argue and they rode there on,

their bicycles at some time of nearly every day along the white

road that bordered the canal. In the evenings and the mornings

when there was a rising tide sea bass would come into it and

they would see the mullet jumping wildly to escape from the

bass and, watch the sweJling bulge of the water as the bass attacked.

1 Answer

  • 4 years ago

    What hotel are you staying AT ?

    They were living AT le grau du Rai then, and the hotel . . .

    It's most usually, "where are you at", not where are you in.

    I'm staying at a hotel, living in room 897.

    You might also say, "I'm living in a hotel at a very good rate. My room is at the Grau du Rai, on the 8th floor."

    Source(s): TLM
    • Saba4 years agoReport

      yes, but Le grau du rai is not a hotel, its a city in France

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