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Should I consider being an actor? Any advice?

I've never really wanted to be an actress. When I was younger, I wanted more attention (mostly at home). Now that I'm older, I don't want a lot of attention. I like attention in band or at home, but not as much anywhere else. I always wanted to be an artist since I've always been really good at art. I feel like art is my passion. My mom thinks I should be a model since I'm pretty tall but she says it's not my personality. I've been watching interviews of Leonardo Dicaprio on YouTube and every time he talks about being on the set, I feel like I would want to act. I'm not sure if I would like the attention, but I feel like I'm meant to do something like this. I can't really explain what the feeling is, but I sort of have this urge. It sounds stupid, but I just feel like it'd be right. I never even thought of being actress until now. I'm not sure if it's right for me though. I don't want the fame. I just think it would be an amazing experience to be in a TV show or even a movie. Again, I can't explain it. Idk if I'd be very good at acting though. I like acting and being funny at home, but when I do it somewhere else, I get shy and don't act as well. Idk if it would be right for me or not. I know I'm probably pretty young to be thinking about this (I'm 14), but most actors I've seen start early. So if I don't make a decision now, I will have missed my best chance. If this is the right thing for me, how would I bring it up to my mom? I'm not good at casually bringing up things.


She always tells me I shouldn't go into music because my sister is a musician and she is always very stressed out and is suffering. I agree that I don't want to be a musician, but now I'm starting to think I should start acting a little and sell my art on the side (when I'm older). Is this just a phase? Should I do this? Any advice?

Update 2:

I've always had my whole life figured out thinking I was going to be an artist and everything, but now I'm not sure. I feel like just being an artist wouldn't be good enough for a living. Like I wouldn't be able to support myself by just selling my artwork online or something. I'm not sure though. Please help me figure this out :)

Update 3:

FYI, I couldn't fit everything into the one paragraph because of the character limit, so I just kept updating it :P

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  • JC
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    4 years ago
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    Nothing wrong with being an actor. Its a difficult career to make your way in, but even if you don't make it a profession it teaches valuable life skills: confidence, networking, speaking in front of people, improvisation, memorization. Join a drama group and you'll find out quickly if its for you.

    Modeling can be a great way to make money for as long as your looks hold. Hard to get into, almost impossible to make a career of. And there are different types of modeling. But if acting can help self confidence, modeling can hurt it.

    Art is a broad category and an art degree has a wide variety of careers available beyond "just selling artwork online": graphic design, art direction, illustration, etc. Even fine artists must market themselves beyond just putting up an Etsy page.

    Pursue your interests whether or not it leads to a career. And get a job of some sort for the summer when you able, so you can learn to work. You've got plenty of time to figure this out.

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