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How to enter and live in Japan via ship?

What papers would I need and what state would I have to go to?

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    Ship, airplane, hot air balloon, swimming, it's all the same.

    You're not going to be living in Japan unless you have a visa to do so. Here are the various visas you can get:


    There are two kinds of jobs available for foreigners in Japan, those jobs that Japanese people can't do, or won't do. English teaching fits into the can't do section, since they're not native English speakers. The won't do fits into the 3 K category: kiken, kitsui, kitanai. (3 D's in English: dangerous, difficult, dirty) Any job that a qualified Japanese can do, will go to the Japanese person first. That's just the way it is.

    To get a working visa you need the following:

    • Visa application

    • Passport

    • Photograph

    • Certificate of eligibility

    • Documents showing professional qualifications

    • Resume

    • Acceptance letter from Japanese employer

    • Annual report from Japanese employer

    • Application fees

    See the part where it says you need the acceptance letter from a Japanese company? That means you have to have the job already lined up BEFORE you move to Japan. Gaijinpot.com is a good place to start looking before you try to move


    Also, foreign medical certification (doctor, nurse, lab tech, etc.) 99% of the time will not transfer. You will need to be trained at a Japanese school, and pass the Japanese national certification exam. Guess what? It’s all in Japanese.

    To get a student visa, you need the following

    • Visa application

    • Passport

    • Photograph

    • Certificate of eligibility

    • Documents certifying the purpose of the visit

    • A copy of a certificate of admission from the educational institution where the person concerned intends to study

    • Documents certifying that the person concerned can defray all expenses incurred during their stay in Japan (basically showing that you’ve got enough money on-hand to support yourself while you’re at school)

    • Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to pass at least Level 2 of the JLPT, as 99.8% of all post-secondary education in Japan is going to be taught in Japanese. Plus, there’s a very good chance you’ll have to take an entrance exam for the college you’re interested in attending. Again, all in Japanese.

    To obtain permanent residency, you have to have lived and worked in Japan, consecutively, for at least 5 years.

    You have to have made a positive impact on Japan.

    You can not have a criminal record with the Japanese police, and you have to have paid all your taxes on time.



    If you fit all those descriptions, fill out this application


    and get a copy of your tax records, family registry, and a note from your job, and take them all to the local Immigration office. They'll let you know something in around 6 months.

    To become a citizen of Japan, you need the following:

    • Application of residency

    • Proof that you've been living in Japan for more than five years

    • Fluency in Japanese

    • Proof of personal finances and skills necessary to support yourself

    You need to be fluent in Japanese, since there will be an in-person interview with a Ministry of Justice official. Plus, you will have to renounce whatever citizenship you may have. Japan only allows you to be a Japanese citizen, no dual nationalities.

    Here’s also a ton of additional information about visiting/living in Japan, courtesy of the US Embassy.


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    You usually need working or student visa to live in Japan.

    For working visa, you have to get a job offer from a Japanese company. But you can't look for a job in Japan without a visa. So you need it before you enter Japan.

    For student visa, you have to be admitted to a Japanese college. You need to pay tuition and living cost for 4 years. It could be about $100,000.

    If you want to become a Japanese citizen, you have to keep living in Japan for more than 5 years without a pause. Then, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship. But you need more like stable income, sufficient reason, Japanese language skill and so on if you want your application to be accepted.

    You can apply for Permanent Residence of Japan under similar condition. And this is relatively easier than citizenship.

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  • 4 years ago

    A state that is on the coast.

    Bloody pointless to go to Utah or Nevada don't you think?

    Forget about your fantasy, I doubt you will pass the intelligence requirements to move to Japan

    • Michael4 years agoReport

      I am already fluent in Japanese -_- I just wanted to know about ships, I am going on a plane though.

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    The procedure for entry into any country is the same regardless of whether it is by air, land, or sea. You have to go through passport control or Custom&Immigration where you present your passport, visa (if required), and any baggage(s) for inspection.

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    Firstly, do you have a degree?

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