What is the best anti-virus program for Windows 10?

I know Windows 10 already comes with Windows Defender, but I'm wondering if it is really doing it's job. What is the best free and paid anti-virus software?

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    We are M$. Resistance is futile. Your puters and lappies will adapt to service us. We will add your technology to our own. M$ has announced that Windows is NOT a top priority. Pushing people to use the cloud and mobile has become their main focus now. Now the truth about 10 is coming out.

    If you have Windows 10 you can not be guaranteed protection. M$ built a back door into it and plans on spying on its users. It is spyware masquerading as an OS. Why do you think it is free. If you're not paying for it, you’re not the customer, you’re the product being sold. People who make a profit off spyware and love the government knowing what you do daily are truly in love with Windows 10 and think it is the best OS M$ ever released.

    If you're not paying for it, you’re not the customer, you’re the product being sold.

    The no.1 antivirus in the world is you. Learn how the internet works and how they plant things on your puter. Remember, free is never free on the internet. When they say free think about what else is going to be installed on your puter. When they say free think about your personal data being leaked by what the free AV let in. These companies offering free AV have to make money some how. They do it by selling out to the corporation who peddle spyware and adware. There is a lot of free AV and firewalls on the market that are more spyware then security product. The worse thing about free AV is that they do not have PUP (potential unwanted program) protection. Just detecting viruses is just part of what a AV should do. Detecting spyware and adware is another part of it. While they might catch some of the rogue PUP out there, they let PUP by major corporations get by. It is like they do it intentional. I have spent many hours digging out and removing PUP that the user never knew got installed and all of them ran free AV.

    Comodo is a perfect example of this. The got caught selling its user out to the highets bidder.


    AVG is another one. They have changed their privacy policy to allow them to collect and sell your info. From AVG "We collect non-personal data to make money from our free offerings so we can keep them free, including: Advertising ID associated with your devices Browsing and search history, including meta data; Internet service provider or mobile network you use to connect to our products; and Information regarding other applications you may have on your device and how they are used."


    There are so many more but if you use a free anything kiss what little privacy you have left. If you're not paying for it you're the product.


    Source(s): TWB 35+ years of experience in the service industry. You name it, I have probably fixed it. I did not design it, I did not build it, I did not break it, but I am the one who can fix it. What that means is that I have spent a life time taking these things apart and seeing how they are made. The difficult we do right away, the impossible just takes a little longer. I hear voices, so please be quiet so I can listen to them.
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    Source(s): #1 Antivirus For PC : http://moveantivirus.com/?bXSz
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    Well i would suggest you to stick with the inbuilt Windows defender and using another for malware like spybot s&d or other such software. Have a standalone virus or rootkit removal tool.

    Remember with free software you need to follow these rules:

    don't download or open attachments from people you don't know

    Be careful of the software being installed

    PS: for online privacy and keeping yourself safe from malicious activity or rather hacks, i would recommend

    Purevpn (Paid version)

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    Best Antivirus Yahoo Answers

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    Avast anti-virus is on my computer and mcaffee. They always do scans, to make sure I have no virus. I would suggest mcaffee because that's what I've used to get rid of any viruses I had.

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    Windows Defender is about 95% effective but you can do better with a 3rd party solution. I like the free edition of Bitdefender.

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    Panda free or paid. Avast is a little to aggressive and detects Microsoft marketing ware and will freeze your start menu once in a while.

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    I use McAfee and never had issues with it. there's a program with it for when browsing on the web that will tell you if they think the website is safe to visit or not.

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    I am using Dr. Web license without Fire wall

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