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what is the best way to turbo my 2007 scion tc?

Im looking to turbo my tc but i have a tight budget. My maximum would have to be 500 and what im looking at is ebay quality. Im not looking to keep the parts forever, but i would switch out the parts for better ones as i go. Im just looking to have a starting turbo. If you could list what you think i should get that would be great. Also if anyone could explain to me the whole lbs of boost thing and how people are restricting their lbs of boost to like 5 that would be great. Not looking to blow my engine any time soon.

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  • 4 years ago
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    trd store has a super charger for this. available up to the 2009 models. so likely if you can find one, a turbo might work. the issue you're going to have is mileage. since internal engine parts be come wear mated/work hardened to each other over time/mileage, condition of valve seats and compression rings will be key as to if the engine lives or those items go away. typical mileage to consider would be 75,000-150,000 miles. subjective to past care.

    typically if one doesn't at least do a lap job on the valves, the valve seats will burn at first turn key and the compression rings go shortly thereafter, when simply restoring (like oem cam replacement), or increasing compression pressures by employing positive induction systems.

    preparation/support for the mod, taken to it's conclusion/all inspections followed, one *maybe* looking at an engine rebuild to support the mod.

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    • Holey Mufflers
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      4 years agoReport

      rings could be good depending on past care. after valve re-lap, then would be the time to check rings via compression and wet leak down testing.

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  • 4 years ago

    as long as you dont go over 7lbs of boost the stock internals will be fine. however if your scion has an automatic transmission, that could be an issue as it may not be up to handling the power with long term reliability. (clutch packs will slip since they are not built to handle the torque) with 500 dollars, that would buy you a kit and you would have to do all the work yourself. not an issue if you are mechanically inclined. however your ebay turbo will not be as reliable as a name brand Precision or anything, expect maybe 2 years on the turbo before something goes wrong. look for turbo kits with warranties. i am no expert on turbo systems but ive seen tons of videos on youtube about ebay turbo kits, they get a bad rep for a reason. shaft play is common. (edit: seriously if you have an automatic transmission i wouldnt even turbo the car, that i can honestly say. the transmission will just not hold up to it. i knew a guy who ebay turbo'd his manual integra and he Still blew 1st gear.)

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