makes me cry.... ......?

I have no idea what I want to do, the only thing I do know is I hate work and hate school, some people say they don't like it but I don't lyk it to the point that it makes me cry. looking at words puts me to sleep. I want my life to be filled with fun (I'm only happy in this situation) otherwise I don't see the point in living, I love holidays and allways want to b there cus u worry about nothing and its just perfection. help? I mean I have had a few ideas of jobs, holiday rep,air hostess,or actor,,,, I just don't wanna end up in a boring office. I need serious help and advice if there are any jobs that are just about fun and involve being able to stay up late and travel the world??I'm kinda scared of wasting away my life :? I want to be different :))

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    Well, since you are at school then you will be in your teens I guess. All the fun things you do and holidays you go on cost money - that your parents have to earn through work. In time you'll have to work to earn money to do fun things. That is just a reality. You could aim for a life on social security benefits - but that's not a fulfilling life.

    Some people are super-lucky in life and either inherit loads of money, or make loads of money from fame. Forget about this. If it happens - then great. But only a tiny minority get this. Also, consider how many celebrities kill themselves deliberately, or through drug abuse etc. Michael Hutchence, Paula Yates, Paula Yates' daughter, the wife of Hans Rausing - part of the richest family in the world at one point. Corey Monteith, Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams - and loads, loads more. Look at the mess Macaulay Culkin is in. Having huge wealth doesn't bring happiness.

    For you, the freedom to get a job you love will depend almost certainly on your success at school. So while school might seem pointless to you - you need to embrace it as best you can. Focus on the things you are good at - work hard at the ones you're not so good at.

    Lots of jobs are really fulfilling. Working for yourself is fulfilling (I do this). Spend time thinking about what you'd like to do and aim for that. It's becoming harder and harder to live happily in this world - but with determination and thought it is definitely possible.

    If you find school difficult, consider asking your parents for extra help. Everything you and your parents do now is an investment in your future happiness.

    Hoilday repping is a temporary thing - many enjoy it - but it can also be destructive. You don't get old holiday reps. Think long term.

    Being an air hostess is basically being a waitress or waiter on a plane. I wouldn't want to spend any more time on planes in the future than I have to.

    Very few people make it as actors - if it happens that's great - but you can't really make a career choice to be a great, successful actor. That just happens for some people by chance (e.g. Emma Watson, Dan Radcliffe).

    If you like outdoors stuff - there are lots of opportunities.

    Working in offices isn't necessarily boring - and people who earn high salaries in "boring jobs" often use that wealth as a tool to have amazing fun in their free time.

    Life is a trade off. You will have to work hard to enjoy your time away from work with your family.

    Discuss this with your parents and get a feel for what they do, what they earn, and how much it costs them to raise their family and run your home.

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    Just travel the world. You won't make any money but you won't be stuck in an office. Or I'll hire you at my beet farm for 15 dollars a year plus meals.

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    Talk to a school counselor or a parent.

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    Read "How to get from where you ARe to where you want to Be" by Cansdell.

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    aww . i care .idk if ul listen or not but god is testing us to see if we can care aobut eeryone purely, love god and love good people who care when its hard. if u want a friend email but please be careful online. i m sorry. i hope i helped. but dont focus on fun . u dnotn hafta tlak to me its just if u need a friend

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